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Team Building Events Build Friendships

 22nd Apr 2013

In 2012 communications company O2 undertook a survey of 2,000 adults looking into the subject of friendship. The survey was looking at changes in the ways in which relationships are struck up. It found that almost one third of friendships are now made at work and that this had taken over from school, which was previously the most common place for friends to meet.

In the commentary which followed the release of this survey in the media it was suggested that the rise of the popularity of team building events was one of the causes of this change. Friendships grow through positive and enjoyable shared experiences and the fun enjoyed on a well organised team building event is a good example of such an experience.

The benefits to business are significant. Friendship improves communication and increases trust and both of these are essential features of high performing teams.

David Johnson from O2 said; "The workplace is where we spend a lot of our time, so it's bound to be the place where large numbers of friendships are made"

Richard Ward of The Team Building Company commented; "Business often wants hard evidence when it comes to investing in team building events and this can be notoriously difficult to give in any meaningful way. It's good to see a survey showing what we see regularly on our events; people having fun and having positive shared experiences that they can draw on when they get back to the office."

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