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Autumn 2007
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The End of Team Building
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'Together We Can'
- Purist Team Building

Purist Teambuilding

Our 'Together We Can' event is viewed by many in the Progressive team as one of the most comprehensive team building event that we provide ....

Big Brother Stars help out at Charity Event.

Carole Face Painting

Progressive Resources, once again supported Birthmark Support Group's fun day, along with a few well known faces.

Sea Business Launches
 Quay Hill, Lymington

Progressive Resources

is proud to announce the launch of Sea Business Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary specialising in water based events such as sailing and off shore treasure hunts. Sea Business is based in offices on historic Quay Hill in Lymington and can provide boats of all sizes from small sailing boats to huge luxurious super yachts.


James Coakes, Managing Director of Progressive Resources, says "We have always offered water based events but this move means that we are bringing these activities up to the front of our store to offer clients the best on offer".

Halloween is coming...
Murder Mystery 
Treat your guests to a spooktacular Halloween with one of our
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Welcome to the Autumn
edition of Making Progress!
Team ProgWe have videos galore in this edition - have fun!
Actions in this issue -
Read 'Together We Can' - Purist Team Building' 
View  Our New Interactive Brochure
Watch our new Eco Turtle Breakdance
Enjoy !!
New Interactive - Brochure Out Now!New Brochure!

Take a look at our new
Interactive Brochure. This fully electronic version enables you to easily flip through the pages on line, includes clickable hyperlinks in the document.

Be sure to bookmark the page for future reference and why not email the link to a friend?

Save paper - what a great way to help the planet :)

Or if you really really really really really must have a hard copy ..

Did you ever see a Turtle breakdance? 

Go Green Turtle

Just when you thought the world was rid of green fighting turtles ....

We have had people in stitches in the office this week, having just recruited a friendly local turtle to help us raise Green Awareness. There are those who compare him (or her - difficult differentiating in turtles) to an Eco Warrior and in yet in the next breath others talk about Play School and Kids Stuff. Either way the message has to be right.

Take a look at the hilarious antics

Turtle Video (includes breakdancing)

Like what you see?
Take a look at our Brand New Green Events

Enter our competition and tell us her or his name.If your suggestion is chosen a bottle of the bubbly stuff is yours!

Balmer Lawn 2
Team Building ends in October ...doesn't it??

Repeatedly we speak with people who feel that team building is something that you only do outdoors when the sun shines.

Ah yes, we understand. Your team is only expected to work when it does not have any problems to tackle.

Well in the words of one manager - 'It Doesn't Work Like That'.

Experience the exhilaration of the
 New Forest National Park in Autumn and Winter

and then if you really must be indoors
 we have a stunning selection of indoor activities
Forget Dragons - Enter the Tigers Den (for real)              

TigerOur tiger re-housing program has been just one of our popular and rewarding charity team building events. It has allowed teams to bond and work together to construct homes for young tigers rescued from the wild.

Now we are extending your team building opportunites to work with Paradise Park 

 Please Note - this conservation facility is not open to the public,
thus offering a unique opportunity

So you think that big cat cubs look cuddly eh?
Then what about sharing a room with Mum & Dad?

Just look who this team had to share space with.

Paradise Park Projects Video

We have been busy little bees creating some new videos of a variety of our events and activities that we currently have on offer! 
We are constantly being asked by our clients to provide them with more visuals of our events. A picture can paint one thousand words, think about how much a motion picture can paint?
Click here if you would like to see our new videos.
So Mike , thank you for spending time with us again this issue.
If you would like further information then please do not hesitate to contact us via our teambuilding website.
Our team hope to see you at your event!

Kind Regards from us all at The Progressive Team
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