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Blindfold Driving - Outdoor Team Building Event

Blindfold Driving  blind drive

Driving whilst blindfolded? 

This is the ultimate 4x4 test, check out the course, plan your route, load your team in the back, put your blindfold on and away you go.

Sounds easy, but mayhem will soon strike. Your only guidance is from your group in the back, with a slight twist...they not allowed to use the obvious language.

"Left", "right", "faster", "slower"  etc.... all banned from use.

What at first looked like a drive in the park, soon becomes a crazy course of wacky driving, strange noises, and weird manoeuvres. An experienced instructor is present throughout the activity.

Team Building Relevance

Blindfold Driving is a fantastic team building challenge, relying on trust, communication and precision.

This activity focuses on finding unique alternative solutions to complex problems, in a fun and engaging way.

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