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Chocolate Making Benefits

The main appeal of the Chocolate Making event is that it appeals to a wide range of participants, regardless of physical ability, sex or age. It is also great fun, memorable and different, but what are the team building benefits?

It's collaborative

Unlike some team building activity formats Chocolate Making is collaborative and not competitive. The whole team strives together to complete the challenge.

It's measurable

The work that many teams work on can take months or years to complete. In many cases it never actually finishes. Working together on this task over a day or half day gives the team experience of starting and finishing a project together.

It's task based

You have a specific goal, resources which must be organised and a limited time in which to work. As such you can extract all of the usual facilitation points from the activity including how the task went, leadership issues and whether there are any work linked lessons.

It can be themed

As an event Chocolate making can be themed in more or less any way. It is ideal as a Christmas event.

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