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Command Task Team Building ACTIVITIES

Command Tasks are tasks that require team members to communicate effectively in order to work efficiently as a team and complete each task. You will normally find these tasks as part of Crystal Challenge and Perfect Teambuild events. 

Each command task lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Typically a group is divided into teams and several of these tasks are chosen to make a half day or full day event.

Each team rotates around each challenge in turn and we usually look to incorporate some light hearted competition where teams compete for crystals or points. Below are some of our favourite tasks: 


Bridge Build

Team BuildingThe team is faced with a collapsed bridge over a raging crocodile infested ravine (not really but we get you to use your imagination). Some equipment has been washed to the shore and the team must use this to rebuild the bridge and get the whole team safely across.

Bridge Build is one of the classic team building events and there are many variants on offer. It requires a great deal of teamwork, planning and communication and deserves its status as a veteran team building event.



Chemical Rescue

Team Building

After a dangerous chemical spill, several  containers pose a risk within a contaminated zone. Using a complex system of suspended ropes and pulleys the team must work together to extract the containers from the zone.

This game requires a high level of co-ordination and communication between participants as all of them bar one will be blindfolded. 





Team BuildingA stunning purpose built team building task. Here, your team attempts to remove a selection of objects from podiums inside a 'no-go' zone.

A selection of ropes and bungees are provided and the team must work out how to use them and co-ordinate their effort effectively.

Once retrieved, teams will place the objects on a display board which will provide them with a code to crack into safe. 



Team BuildingAnother of our beautiful purpose built team building experiences. The team is faced with a collection of shiny orbs lying in a resticted area. They must plan a single path to make their way through the field in order to collect as many of the orbs as possible.

The key to the success of this challenge is to plan effectively before committing to your route. 


The above activities are just a few of our favourites and as well as these we have a variety of activiteis that are suitable for indoor use. For the list of activities, you can call us on 0800 975 0728 or click the link below:  

Download Full list of Command Tasks here



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