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Command Task

Team Building Events

Each command task lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Typically a group is divided into teams and several of these tasks are chosen to make a half day or full day event.

Each team rotates around each challenge in turn and there is a light hearted competition.

Traditional Tasks

Bridge Build

Bridge Build

The team is faced with a collapsed bridge over a raging crocodile infested ravine. Some equipment has been washed to the shore and the team must use this to rebuild the bridge and get the whole team safely across.

Bridge Build is one of the classic team building events and there are many variants on offer. It requires a great deal of teamwork, planning and communication and well deserves its status as a veteran team building event.

Minefield Crossing


An advance support team has cleared one safe path through a grid of 100 squares. They left a map but this has unfortunately been stolen by troublesome local savages.

The team must work their way across the grid, but the mines are volatile so they cannot speak. The idea behind this activity is to explore communication without the use of speech.

Our Own Unique Tasks

Chemical Rescue
After a dangerous chemical spill four containers pose a risk within a contaminated zone. Using a complex system of suspended ropes and pulleys the team must work together to extract the containers from the zone. This game requires a high level of co-ordination and communication between participants. We can make the challenge even harder by giving some participants blindfolds and prohibiting others from communicating by speech.

Communication Tower
The team must design and build a tower to send a message over a hill. Using machine rolled newspaper the team must build the tower to a height of more than ten metres. In the top of the tower is an essential element of the communication tower which looks like a party balloon. This must not escape from inside the structure. One of the major challenges facing teams in this game is the overcoming of frustration each time the balloon escapes.

One member of the team is elected, either by the team or randomly, to act as Shepherd. The objective is to gather your scattered team from the field into the pen using an agreed form of alternative communication. All but the Shepherd are blindfolded. The aim of this activity is to explore using other forms of communication and to put absolute trust in your team!

Cipher Team Challenge

A stunning purpose built team building task. The team attempts to remove a selection of balls and shapes from podiums inside a 'no-go' zone. A selection of ropes and bungees are provided and the team must work out how to use them and co-ordinate their effort exactly.

Team Ski
Four members of the team stand astride one large set of skis and attempt to complete an obstacle course by moving in unison. This game requires complete co-ordination from the team as it builds momentum around the course. This is a very visual activity, as at home in a Family Fun Day format as on a team building challenge day. Team Ski also always makes for an entertaining subject for the day's event photographer.

Purpose Built Team Building

Another of our beautiful purpose built team building experiences. The team is faced with a collection of glistening crystals lying in bamboo nests looking like a field of beautiful flowers. They must use a coloured walkway to make their way through the field, which is actually an unforgiving swamp which must not be touched, to extract each of the crystals.

The Micro Dot
One half of the team have a complex map of the circuits of a micro-dot. They must communicate the detail of the circuit over one-way radio to the other half of the team who attempt to re-create the circuit before passing it on to Special Intelligence. This is a useful team building idea as it can be run indoors and it does not need a large area of space.

The Towers of HanoiiIt is said that a version of this challenge is in constant motion in an Eastern monastery. Should the monks ever stop the task, the world will come to an end. The pressure on your team will be somewhat less, but this does not change the frustration nature of this puzzle. The team must reassemble a tower from one point to another via a third location. Well that sounds easy!

The Great Egg Toss
The team must design and build three objects, a catapult to fling a fresh egg over an eight foot line, a container to keep the egg in one piece and a catching device to catch the egg when it lands.

NASA Moon Project
An indoor team building exercise. The team has survived a spaceship crash on the dark side of the moon. They must plan their survival and a rendezvous with their mothership at a set location. Their effort is compared to the advice given by a team of real NASA scientists. This activity can be run on a much larger scale using a video screen with space music and images to add to the atmosphere.

Tribal Troubles
The team's negotiation skills are called upon to facilitate peace between three local warring tribes. The atmosphere is tense, the slightest misunderstanding could lead to a long and bloody war and each team seems to have its own unreasonable demands. Can the team help?

Team Standard
The team must create a flag or standard with a message about their values, goals or work generally using natural materials from the surrounding area. This is fun and creative but some remarkable insights can be made.

Call us to discuss your event in detail, we will be pleased to design a suitable programme of the best of these challenges for your group.

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