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Da Vinci's Designs Indoor Team Building Event

Da Vincis DesignsNon-competitive, creative team building

Our Da Vinci's Designs requires teams to get a little bit creative. But don't worry, even if you aren't a budding artist, this event is still great fun!

The aim of this event is to create a piece of collaborative artwork that all teams have contributed to. This can be something that represents your company, product, conference theme or a re-production of Da Vinci's favourite. 


The Event Format

The group is divided into equal teams. Each team works on a single section of a painting and generally have no idea what the other teams are doing. Each team believes the objective of the event is to produce the best drawing of that single section but they are, in fact, working in unison rather than competition. The end result produces a giant artwork in which each section has a unique style.

Team Building Relevance

Da Vinci's Designs is a very engaging challenge which promotes cohesion in both a fun and work relevant format.

Because the end product is a result of effective communication, the power of teamwork is illustrated. The end result is always impressive with participants surprised by what they have managed to achieve, so the event ends on a motivating high (and you can even keep the picture to hang up in your offices.....if it's any good!)

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“Everyone had a fantastic time and are still talking about it today.  The Crystal Challenge games were pitched just right, not too strenuous and a great deal of fun”

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