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Film Making Tips

Our film making event challenges teams to make a short film, usually of between three and five minutes. This may seem like a short length of time, but it's no mean feat. There's a lot to do to communicate a story in this short time.

Here are some tips from our experts on how to make the most out of your film making team building activity.

Beginning, Middle And End

Even in a short film you have to make sure that you follow this basic story telling rule. In this case the beginning is likely to be setting the scene, the end is the point the film is trying to make and the middle is the journey; how you get from the opening scene to the ending.

Begin With The End In Mind

Often teams make up the script as they go along. They begin without really knowing what the ending is going to be. The film meanders along and in some cases it can be really difficult to draw it to a close. Knowing what you're aiming for makes it easier to decide what to do and, more importantly, which ideas don't need to be included.

Keep It Simple

You may be in a fantastic location but avoid the temptation to have too many scenes and locations. Try to keep to no more than one scene every 30 seconds, otherwise your final film will feel jumpy and 'all over the place'.

Have Fun!

Some of the films we have seen made have literally had the audience in hysterics. They are often full of humour and in jokes that will delight your colleagues. Above all, have fun and it will be contagious.

On the film making day we give each team a pach containing notes and tips on the technical issues of filming. The tips above are a general taster of what you will learn on the day. It's a fantastic experience with plenty of take home knowledge, so your family films will never be the same again!


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