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Go Mad in the Country
Team Building Relevance

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Positive Experiences to be Gained

Social Team Building:
Relationship building in a fun environment - the most powerful way.

Management Training:
Managing an unusual situation. Gathering and understanding information. Teams must make a plan and follow it through.

Management of Resources:
Time and equipment are just two of the limited resources on this day; they must be managed.

The team's typical leadership hierachy may not be appropriate for this exercise. How will they manage this? How will different characters work together in this strange environment.


Go Mad Treasure Hunt


There are numerous other team building and team development benefits to be gained from this type of day.

Essentially any clear task with numerous outcomes within a set time will produce learning points.

More than anything though this exercise is fun and every business should recognise the benefit of this very small but immensely powerful word.

Teams finish motivated and positive with fantastic photos to take back to the office to remind them of their day.

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