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Ice Cream Making Indoor Team Building Event

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A fun and exciting challenge perfect for those who have already enjoyed a chocolate making event who now want a not dissimilar but totally new event that works equally well.

You have become the proud new owners of an ice cream shop in a prestigious city centre location. It’s now up to you and your team to create and produce a brand and range of ice cream for your shop. Might you have what it takes to become the next Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Daz?

You will be briefed by our professional chef who will then demonstrate how to create and flavour ice cream and how to make ice cream cones.

Become an Ice Cream Connoisseur

Teams will then be given a selection of toppings, fruit purees, flavourings, Sundae glasses and ingredients. In addition to creating a unique ice cream dish, teams will also have to produce a branded menu board and, time permitting, their own cones and chocolate decorations.

Finally teams will have to present their brand and product to the rest of the group; our chef will judge your efforts on taste, texture, teamwork, concept, branding and decoration. Will your team be judged as the next success story in ice cream or will your product end up at the back of the freezer?   


"It is a constant battle to keep our team entertained but I know that everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed themselves immensely".


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