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Movie Making

iPad Movie Making Team Building Event

Movie Making

Welcome Aspiring Directors, Actors & Actresses

This event brings out your creative spirit; it is fun, exciting and always gives a fantastic day with entertaining results. We provide all of the professional equipment required to create a high quality film - you provide the creativity and performance.

The Event Format

Your group is divided into teams who will then work out what role they want to play. There is then a planning stage where teams will come up with a theme (or this can be pre-arranged) for their movie and create a storyboard of scenes/shots that they want to film.  

Groups write, rehearse, select props and costumes... then filming begins. Each team will be issued with an Apple iPad, complete with microphone and lighting, with which they can shoot their master pieces! 

Depending on the venue, you will usually have the ability to shoot in different areas of the venue and the more creative you can be, the more impressive the end result. 

The movie's will be self edited on the iPads as you shoot so that all films can be watched and judged at the end of the event. 

Film making event benefits

Film making has substantial business benefits. Companies can use this event to promote their company or team values. There is a great deal to learn from the films that people make, they can be kept to be reviewed in the future and shared with the rest of the company. Learn about our film making tips.

...so call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!


“The event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone on the team and the aim of it helping bond the teams and encourage team work was certainly met. We were really pleased with the friendly, professional staff, who were ready and organised when we arrived and gave plenty of support and encouragement throughout the event”.


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