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Kick off the year with a Bang!

 6th Jan 2010

The traditional week of Christmas now stretches to three weeks. The week before Christmas, most people are only focused on buying presents and then there is Christmas and New Year, followed by yet another week to recuperate.

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The first couple of weeks back at work can be quite problematic for both manager and staff as everyone tries to get back into work mode. Many never get over the Christmas experience and it is little wonder that January is a prime month when employees look to change jobs.

This may be exactly what a manager is looking for of course, a chance to clear the decks. However, the baby is often lost with the bathwater in this scenario and by many; the loss of an employee is often seen as a sign of poor management.

Overall, it can be a really trying time for teams. Loss of focus often means that it is difficult to remember that the objective was to drain the swamp when faced with the reality alligators of hangovers, depression, winter nights and credit card bills.

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This is exactly the time that teams need to appreciate the strength in numbers and get together to refresh thinking and ideas. This is a time to 'Kick Start' the New Year.

For many companies new budget funds become available in January and we would suggest that a portion of that money could be wisely invested in getting the team together for a day to regroup and review the thinking for the coming year.

Here at Progressive Resources we have available a number of events that are well suited to the task. We have, of course, the well known Chocolate Making and Team Wok. However, not many people think about Film Making. This is an event that is both fun and productive. It can bring a light hearted touch to the harsh reality of January. In addition, by matching the choice of event with appropriate facilitation such as Belbin, companies are able to make the maximum use of the event time.

Our account managers have a wealth of experience in these areas and as a company we are Belbin accredited, so we are ideally placed to discuss individual requirements and tailor a unique solution for your company and its staff.


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