25 Years Professional Event Management

Meet the Team building Team

In the Office... These are the staff that you will probably have first interaction with when contacting The Team Building company...

James Morris - Sales Manager

James Morris

Likes: Cooking, Fishing, Fine Wines
Dislikes: Camping, Festivals
Favourite Event: F1 Challenge

James also joined the sales team from the field has become a key character in the office. His larger than life personality means that the office is always full of laughter (and cookery advice).

Along with Chloe, Matt and Vickie, James is another main point of contact for any sales enquiries and his knowledge of all of our events will help you to choose the right event for you and your team.

James is also a keen sportsman and enjoys a spot of fishing. He has yet to land ‘The Catch of the Season.’

Matt Arnold - Event Consultant 

Matt Arnold

Likes: Football, Socialising & Southampton FC
Dislikes: Portsmouth FC 
Favourite Event: Great London Treasure Hunt

Matt is the latest edition to our office team, Prior to starting at the company, Matt studied History at Kingston University. Having worked the past 2 years in the field for us he has a great knowledge of not only all of our events but also many of the venues we work with across the country. 

Outside of work, Matt enjoys going out to gigs ,watching a good Saints game and a game of 5 aside football when he can ( Just don't stick him in goal! It dosn't end well..)! 

Sally Rosser - Senior Project Manager

Sally Rosser

Likes: Holidays, Eating out, Cheeky mid-week glass of wine (or 2!)
Dislikes: Bad weather
Favourite Event:  Country Sports

Sally is our Senior Project Manager and oversees all events that come from the sales team. Her knowledge and attention to detail means that all events are well executed and run smoothly on the day.

When in Sally’s care, you will be filled with the upmost confidence and she is always on hand to answer any questions you have regarding your event. With a background in corporate travel, she will always ensure that every little detail is taken care of.

When not in the office, Sally loves to travel and will chase the sun throughout the year! (She has the most magnets on our office travel board!)

Bruce Long - Operations Manager

Bruce Long

Likes: Hockey, New Zealand, his beard
Dislikes: Parsnips
Favourite Event: HAKA Workshop

Having moved to the UK from New Zealand in 2012, Bruce initially started with us as an Event Manager. In February 2014 we brought him on board as Operations Manager and he hasn't looked back since.

As Operations Manager, Bruce’s role is essential to the successful delivery of each event. From staffing events, writing Treasure Hunts and loading vans Bruce does it all. In the summer months you will also find him back out in the field as an Event Manager.

As a passionate Kiwi, Bruce loves his rugby and hockey and was pleased with the Rugby World Cup 2015 results when New Zealand defended their title on English soil.

Rob Baxter - Operations

Rob Baxter2

Likes: Pulse Ranger, Getting his own way
Dislikes: Too many to note!
Favourite event: Spy School

Rob's military experience, the nature of which we are unable to discuss, makes him the perfect leader for organising team building activities.

When it comes to event management Rob has overseen almost every event you can imagine.

A member of the team for seven years, he loves his work and always shows tremendous enthusiasm.

James (Jim) Myatt - Event Manager

Jim Myatt

Likes: Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Fishing
Dislikes: Runny Eggs
Favourite event: Perfect Teambuild

James or 'Jim' is another one of our Event Managers and also one of our commercially endorsed Rib Skippers.

Whether he is presenting to a large group, playing a character (his favourite is the Mexican) in our Treasure Hunts or overseeing the daily running of our events, Jim can do it all.

When not working, you will find him out on the water, wakeboarding or fishing and in the winter months he'll be 'carving the pow' on his snowboard in the Alps.


Lotte Fletcher - Event Manager

Lotte Fletcher

Likes: Sauvignon Blanc
Dislikes: People being late
Favourite event: Chocolate Making

Lotte is one of our most versatile event managers, with a Masters in Japanese and previously working as a VAT consultant for Deloitte, Lotte has a wide and impressive skill set.

As an event manager Lotte really can do it all and is also our head Chocolatier, a master of all things chocolaty… it’s a tough job sometimes, especially having to try all of our clients freshly made chocolates!

Outside of work Lotte is keen actor performing in local plays and shows, which also makes her the perfect host for any of our Parmesan Job events! 


Rob Fielding - Event Manager

Rob Fielding

Likes: Skiing & Paddle Boarding
Dislikes: disorganisation 
Favourite event: Pulse Ranger

Rob has been working as an event manager with us for the past ten years making him the most experienced and tested event manger on our team, so you know you’re in capable hands!

Having worked all over the country at almost every venue you could think of and know exactly how and where to best set up any event!

In his free time Rob is an avid outdoors man, partaking in a wide variety of outdoor sports such as paddle boarding, windsurfing, mountain biking and is a keen skier in the Winter months! 


Stuart Hedges - Director

Stuart Hedges

Likes: Diving for Scallops, Sauvignon Blanc
Dislikes: People being late
Favourite event: Rib Treasure Hunt

Stuart is one of our 2 directors. An original founder of our sister company Solent Rib Charter, Stuart's speciality lies with our fleet of RIBs. He oversees all operational tasks and can turn his hand to pretty much anything.

As a commercially endorsed Powerboat Yachtmaster, you will often find Stuart out on the water on one of our RIBs or on our motorboat, 'Lysander'. When not on the water, he will probably be in it, diving for Scallops in a secret location that only a handful of people know about!  


Richard Ward - Director

Richard Ward

Likes: Red Trousers, Evenings at the RLymYC
Dislikes: Junk food in the office
Favourite event: F1 Challenge

Richard is the other one of our 2 directors. An original founder of our sister company Solent Rib Charter, Richard's speciality lies with the overall management of the company. He has an impeccable attention to detail that can often veer into OCD (as he will often admit) but this results in a tightly run ship from the top down. 

When not in the office, Richard enjoys nothing more than spending time on our motorboat 'Lysander' and visiting family across the pond in Canada.   


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