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More on Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

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Not all teams make it to the Performing phase, which is essentially an era of high performance.  

Performing teams are identified by high levels if independence, motivation, knowledge and competence. 

Decision making is collaborative and dissent is expected and encouraged as there will be a high level of respect in the communication between team members.

Adjourning & Transforming

This is the final phase added by Tuckman to cover the end of the project and the break up of the team. Some call this phase Mourning, although this is a rather depressing way of looking at the situation. 

Often clients have called Progressive Resources in to organise a celebratory event at the end of a project and members of such a team will undoubtedly leave the project with fond memories of their experience.

It should be noted that a team can return to any phase within the model if they experience a change, for example a review of their project or goals or a change in members of a team.  

In a successful team when a member leaves or a new member joins the team will revert to the Forming stage, but it may last for a very short time as the new team member is brought into the fold.


We are able to provide facilitated team building events where Tuckman's theory, or any other team building theory, are the theme of the event. This can facilitate learning and retention and provide working examples of the theories in action. There's no more effective way of leaning than fun and engaging activities.

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