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The dictionary defines motivation as 'causing motion or action'. Essentially the word motivation as used in the business environment means the natural desire to get the job done.

There are many theories and books written on the subject of motivation, however it is sometimes useful to look at the subject in fairly simple terms.

Practice the techniques to see which work for you. It may seem simple, but the effects can be very satisfying.

Team building events are an excellent way of boosting motivation. Here are ten ways to motivate your employees according to Guy Browning and reported in Management Today.

Ten Ways To Improve Employee Motivation

  1. Be motivated yourself.
  2. Understand what motivates each member of your team.
  3. Give them a challenge.
  4. Treat them with respect.
  5. Listen to them.
  6. Help them learn.
  7. Stick up for them.
  8. Let team members do things their way.
  9. Reward achievement.
  10. Say thank you.

And finally, enjoy business and make it fun! As Sir Philip Green says; 'Successful companies have parties. Unsuccessful ones have meetings'.

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