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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Evening Event

Murder MysteryWhodunnit?

Our Murder Mystery event is a timeless classic which works brilliantly alongside a Lunch or Dinner party so prepare yourself for hysterics, dramatics and murder.

We have a team of five professional actors who will come to a venue of your choice with costumes and props to enact a murder chosen from our available scripts.


The Event Format

We ask that you arrange to have pre-dinner drinks for half an hour in a room other than the main dining room. As your guests are mingling and chatting, our actors make their dramatic entrance to the shock of your group. A series of interchanges then take place before one of the party keels over and dies! 

We then go through to the dining room and the rest of the event lasts for a couple of hours on average. We do not eat with you and the scenes take place around the courses. We are very good at choosing when to act and when to let you eat!

We recommend that the group is split into teams each on separate tables. Keep an empty place setting on each table so each character can visit teams for questioning.

At the end of the evening each team guesses whodunit, how and why:- Murderer, Method and Motive.

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