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Together We Can - Purist Team Building

 12th Mar 2010

Our Together We Can event is viewed by many in the Progressive team as the most 'pure' team building event that we provide.

The core purpose of Together We Can is to bring teams together so that they are working towards one goal rather than engaging on competitive activities. The competition that defines a truly great event is still there, but teams compete against the task rather than each other. This events promotes an atmosphere of us against the task rather than us against each other. It is this, combined with a day of great fun, that most of our clients want.

Initially the group is divided into working parties. These working parties rotate around a series of challenge zones. Each team will essentially contribute and build upon each zone.

The challenges include creating a giant mural and a film making challenge. Not only do these events allow the overall theme but it also allows teams to have a go at a broad range of the sort of events on offer.

Groups spend up to one hour at each zone, after which they must spend five minutes communicating their work and handing over to the following team who will continue the work in their own style.

This format means that each group contribute to the overall outcome of not one but up to six successful achievements.

The grand event finale involves the unveiling of each zone's finished product. The groups unite and see their united work come to fruition. We give you a five-six tier finale which helps concrete the values of this amazing event.

The end result is an experience that is interesting and highly engaging but, crucially, one which bonds an entire group together.

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