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Rollercoaster Indoor Team Building Event

RollercoasterIt's a Rollercoaster, but not as you know it! 

Our Rollercoaster challenge is a great event for groups of all sizes but generally, the bigger, the better. 

The challenge is for teams to work together to build a structure that can transport a football along its entire length using only gravity and its own momentum to propel it.


The Event Format

We start off by splitting the group into teams and each team is tasked with building a section of the track. Teams are given a variety of materials including bamboo canes, plastic tubing, cable ties and string.

Teams soon learn to work together to ensure that each section of the track will meet and will allow the ball to continue it's journey. Extra points are awarded for 'design flourishes'; the ultimate feat is to build a successful loop the loop.

Once complete, your group is allowed one test run where they can make any changes before the Grand Finale. As the ball starts it's journey, the excitement and noise starts to build as the ball travels 2 metres...down a spiral...4 metres...over a gap...5 metres...the tension is unbearable, the cheering unstoppable, and then...the ball gets stuck! Game over!

Think your team could go the full distance?...call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!  

The nature of the teamwork and opportunities for collaboration make this an ideal facilitated challenge.

Indoor or Outdoor Challenge

Despite this event being a traditional indoor event, it can also function outdoors and this opens up the possibilities for even higher and faster rollercoaster designs.

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