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Local Man Gets Cold Feet

 26th Mar 2007

The idea of the cold chamber test is so that Scott could experience the extreme weather conditions that he will be faced with in the Artic in the controlled low temperature unit that can be changed to any temperature and environment.

The chamber was set at -20oC of which is only half what he will experience in the arctic with a wind chill factor of -59oC at the best of times.

"At that temperature if you touch anything with a bare hand the moisture in your skin will instantly freeze and cause frost bite." - Scott Ford

Scott Ford walking the treadmill in Cold Chamber


Scott however was quite comfortable in his arctic gear and the test proved itself worthy with manoeuvrability and body het dispersion being a key part of the test. With a smile on his face Scott walked the treadmill for two hours ensuring that his body temperature was constant and that the gear was comfortable. This is only half of the full kit that will eventually be used in the extreme cold conditions.

The exercise helped Scott prepare mentally and physically for the competitive team race which takes place between mid April and mid May.

The low temperature unit enabled Scott to test all the equipment he will be taking to the Artic for the race which takes approximately four weeks to complete.

We at progressive are proud to sponsor Scott in this no small feat and will be monitoring his progress every step of the way. Keep checking back for regular updates and news on the race.


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