25 Years Professional Event Management

Top 10 Things I Learned

 14th Jun 2007

Scott Ford

1. Honesty when setting your own objectives - what it is you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and how you will measure success.

2. The importance of sharing those objectives and sticking to your guns.

3. Stress and tiredness will exacerbate and magnify any divisions and lack of unity

4. The importance of honest and open dialogue - things bottled up only get worse under pressure.

5. Try not to take criticism personally.

6. Before you say anything consider the potential impact - how will it be received and can it be put in a better way

7. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast - rushing is often not the most effective way of getting things done

8. Carefully select team members for complimentary skills - similar abilities do not contribute to the overall good of the team.

9. Choosing a team just because you 'get on' or are friends is not going to be effective (friends are often friends because they share many of the same traits)

9. Divide the roles and responsibilities as a group and then allow people the scope to become expert in their own area and allow them to get that job done. Never question their ability or the way in which they complete that task.

10. Choose your kit and equipment carefully - use it, try it and be comfortable in its abilities.


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