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Scott of the Arctic

 2nd Mar 2007

Polar Challenge Logo

As the days are getting longer and the weather in the Uk starts warmer, for one person a race is dawning. Scott Ford is preparing for an arctic race for the Sony Polar Challenge.

Over the last few weeks we has been intensively training and preparing his body for the extreme conditions that he will have to endure in a few weeks time.

Scott Ford at Mont Blanc

The race is a 320 nautical mile endurance race from Resolute to the Issachen Mine. The terrain is a baron ice sheet accross the ocean and each competitor must carry all there survival equipment and tow a sled. This race takes teams approximately 4 weeks to complete including the training time.

The teams will have to endure temperatures as low as -50C and ski through the "Polar Bear Pass". Competitors race on skis, pulling their supplies in 120lb pulks, stopping on route at 3 manned checkpoints to resupply.

Polar Challenge Landscape Photo

All competitors have to endure intensive training which includes fitness, endurance and psychological strength. This is not for the faint hearted nor is it for battling alone.

This is where Progressive resources steps in and has decided to sponsor Scott Ford. As The Teambuilding Company we are helping Scott with his team development pre, post and during the race as these are key criteria to success.

We will be providing regular updates of Scotts progress with news feeds and images as he ventures on this remarkable challenge. Stay tuned for regular updates.


Polar Challenge Route Map



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