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Sensory Garden Team Building

 7th Oct 2010

As part of a team building exercise, senior managers across the country from building firm Raymond Brown, designed, built, planted and raised funds for the new garden - in less than eight hours.

The garden now boasts a jungle of plants that enhance touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. The 11-strong team raised £170 more than the project required - leaving the Royal British Legion with a welcome, surprise cash boost.

Dignitaries in the town opened the garden at a special open evening event on Thursday.

Mayor Christine Ford said: "I think it looks wonderful and they have done a superb job in the short amount of time.

"The team have rustling bamboos, an olive tree and touchy-feely plants that bring the five senses alive. It is lovely."

Team member Lauren Finch said: "We started off the project with no money and our task was to raise funds to create a sensory garden.

"We had no clue of the task until we arrived on the site and it was a case of putting our heads together and bringing together some really good ideas.

"What was fantastic is that we had members of the team from all over the country so we had some creative and logical minds to put together the project. We also are pleased that we raised enough to give some to charity."

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