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You will be surprised how much fun this team building activity is. We will take you back to childhood catapult fun but using the latest hitech weight balanced sporting slingshots.

We will set up a target range with paper targets, chalk targets which break in the most satisfying way and, of course, a few tin cans for that fun noisy experience!

How To Use This Deadly Weapon

Here are some guidelines for shooting Slingshot:


Stand at a right angle to the target with weight on both feet spaced comfortably apart.

Gripping and Drawing


A consistent wrist position must be kept shot after shot for accurate tournament shooting.

Always shoot with a relaxed grip as a tight grip can cause the 'U' frame to work off the handle.

Twist your wrist slightly so that the centre of the slingshot lines up with your arm.

Do not bend your wrist as this puts extra strain on the lower power bands and when the pellet is released you will have a tendancy to twist the slingshot causing a miss.


Extend left (or right if left handed) arm directly towards the target whilst straightening your sling arm out.

Hold slingshot with handle horizontal and pull pouch back smoothly taking a deep breath. Practice this to try and develop a smooth rhythm.


Always keep the pouch in the same position in relation to the aiming eye. Anchor drawing hand with the joint of your thumb and fingers sunk into the hollow of your cheek.


Using the anchor method the top prong of the slingshot should be brought approximately onto the target. Vary the position with each shot until you are hitting the target.


Gently let the pouch slip between your finger and thumb without jerking.

Follow Through

Hold you position momentarily without swinging your sling hand.

This is a good template to follow for Slingshot but it is also worth reading if you shoot any target sport, for example clay shooting or archery, as the principles are similar.

Finally, don't worry if this seems complicated. You will have our team of friendly and experienced instructors on hand to help you and ensure that you enjoy your team building event.

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