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Stocks and Shares Evening Event

Stocks And SharesHow does our Stock Market simulation work?

We have created an intricate game in which the stock prices of 20 companies fluctuates because of news and scandals presented in newspapers and as news on a large screen.

Every event has a consequence and participants must buy their stock based on their judgement.


The Event Format

Your guests are welcomed to the trading floor equipped with the fast paced equipment associated with the Stock Exchange. Divided into trading teams they are asked to derive a cut throat business name which sets them apart from their competitors.

Teams are provided with a start up loan which must be paid back at the end of the game, with interest. The fun now begins as trading takes shape. On offer are shares at various prices from 20 different companies across different industry sectors.

Now things change gear as the trading floor opens. Share prices will be constantly varying. All share prices are displayed and altered live on a giant visual trading board.

Share Price Movements

Throughout your event the goal posts will move through a series of world and economic changes, disasters and scandals. These are gradually teased in by newsflashes (presented on a large screen), newspaper releases (strategically delivered at different times) and by emails and phone calls presented from the trading desk.

The game becomes more and more cut throat as companies start to go bust. The excitement comes to a conclusion as trading ceases with only one successfully buoyant company - but do you hold their shares?

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