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Taken Treasure Hunt

Taken Team Building Event

Taken Treasure HuntComplete the challenges, rescue the Documents

Our 'Taken' event is an exciting team treasure hunt where teams will be issued with GPS enabled tablets pre-loaded with a bespoke treasure hunt which they must complete in order to recover the taken documents.

It all starts with your group sitting in a conference room waiting for the start of their next meeting. As the audience is hanging onto your every word, our highly trained cat burglar sneaks their way in and out of the room, taking with them a briefcase containing secret company documents. They are told that they must then complete a number of challenges in order to regain possession of the case.

The Event Format

After the exciting opening scene, our 'Taken negotiator' will arrive, brief the participants and divide them into equal teams. Teams will then be issued with their tablets and will head off into the surrounding area to complete a variety of challenges, meet with characters and ultimately secure the release of the stolen company documents.

Different event options will give teams the opportunity to use vehicles, RIBs or they will be on foot - (please ask for more details regarding vehicle options).

The Taken event can be run in any location, but we need a private room for the beginning and end.

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