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Team Building Events In London

London Team Building Activities from Black Cab Treasure Hunts to Thames Rib Blasts

Many companies don't want to have to leave London for a team building event so rather than asking you to come to us we will come to you. We have very good relationships with a host of venues in and around London which makes the location easy and travelling costs low.

London is a practical location for a variety of different team building events. Chocolate Making, Cocktail Making or Hustle (our 'Beat The Casino' event) are options, as well as our Crystal Challenge format in various locations or we can put on a range of outdoor events at locations as close as Richmond.

Team Building In Your London Office

A growing trend is for companies to hold team building events in their own offices. Our Indoor Crystal Challenge is a good example of an activity that works well in this case. Treasure Hunts are another example of an activity which can start at your office and finish at a local bar.

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Together We Can - True Team Building

Together We Can is true team building because the whole team works together on one task instead of competing with each other. They make a film, create a Rollercoaster, paint a large mosaic artwork and build a Lego structure relevant to their work. On each rotation one team hands over to the next, explaining what they have done and what their vision was. The next team then takes this one before handing over the another team.

This collaborative effort always leads to amazing results that will motivate the whole company with the power of what happens when everyone comes together. Together We Can!

This activity can be run in large offices or we have a number of suitable and creative spaces around London.

Call us to discuss your event and find out more.

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"Thanks to you and your team for making the weekend such a pleasurable experience as well as meaningful; we've come back more motivated and I'm really happy with the results".

Axa Rosenberg

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