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The Colour Works
Team Building Theory


What is it?

The Colour Works uses a psychological model of behaviours that helps teams to understand similarities and differences in order to become more effective.

How Does it Work?

We are all made up of 4 distinct colour energies of behaviour, each of which have distinct characteristics.


the wheel of personality colours

The Colour Works model is devised by Insights Learning & Development, is designed to measure your own personal levels of each, providing a unique personal colour profile.


colour works logo

The Format


The first stage requires delegates to complete a thought-provoking 20 minute online questionnaire.

The responses are used to produce a unique (and incredibly accurate) printed 24 page document about YOU.

This booklet is yours to keep, to show your friends, colleagues and family.

It provides a personal insight into not only your strengths and value to the team, but also into how you may impact on others.


Facilited Session

An expert Colour Works facilitator will take you through the model, applying it to your team and what can be gained from these personality insights.

The profile document forms a key part of this feedback and understanding of how personality types can work together, it provides a model to a balanced mix of skills within a company. 

Team Building Relevance

Team building possibilites are huge, mainly due to the impact of really KNOWING your team and their qualities

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