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Together We Can

Together We Can Team Building Event

Together We Can

Co-operative Team Building Event

Our Together We Can event is the most true event to the ethos of team building because each team contributes to one common end goal and must communicate effectively in order to achieve a successful outcome.

This event promotes co-operation through a variety of non-competitive team building activities. Each team contributes to one large task, communicating their work over to the next team in a briefing at the start/end of each challenge.

The Event Format

Initially the group is divided into 4 teams. These teams rotate around four challenge zones,  spending up to an hour at each zone adding their contribution to each task. When the time is up they must spend 5 minutes communicating their work and handing over to the next team. The challenges are listed below: 

Team Challenge 1 - DaVinci's Designs

The team is presented with a giant canvas and a stack of art equipment. The canvas is divided up and teams create one section of the mural following on from the previous team.

Team Challenge 2 - Rollercoaster Challenge

Teams must design a working rollercoaster which carries a ball for over 30 seconds under its own momentum. Each team builds a section of the finished product and there are various factors that have to be built in.

Team Challenge 3 - Commercial Break

Each team films a section of an advert promoting their team values or a film. When time is up, the following team will watch the last 10 seconds and follow on the film in sequence. A seamless link is vital so fancy dress costumes must be matching between all teams. 

Team Challenge 4 - Think Outside The Blocks

We give you literally thousands of Lego bricks and free reign to build whatever you like. Some teams choose their company logo, others something more abstract. The end result is Lego, but on a massive scale.

The finale of the event sees all teams come together for the grand unveil. Here, they will see their completed Da Vinci's Masterpiece, watch as their Rollercoaster functions perfectly, laugh at the hilarity of their Video and enjoy their completed LEGO Sculpture. 

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"Not only was the team building fun and exciting but it was also informative. I think people learned a lot about the people they see every day that they did not know before".


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