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Treasure Hunt On Tablets

Hidden Quest 5

How does it run? 

We provide each team with a iPad Mini Tablet, pre-loaded with our very own state of the art treasure hunt software.

Teams are guided by the interactive on screen map throughout the event.

This not only shows every challenge and task but it also keeps you informed of the location of other teams as the challenge progresses.


GPS Technology

GPS technology tracks your team wherever you go and only allows questions and challenges to be activated when you are in a particular hotspot's vicinity. It's no longer as easy as opening up your pack and Googling all the answers from a pub!


Teams earn points for correct answers and lose points for incorrect answers, so you have to think carefully. As challenges are completed and questions answered the team's score is displayed on a live leaderboard. This interactive feature adds excitement and competition as the game plays out.

Team Building Benefits

Our Tablet Treasure Hunt is fun, competitive and absorbing. Each team on the event will have the opportunity to bond while having fun but it's the shared experiences of all the teams that really contribute lasting long term team building benefits. We recommend that teams gather for refreshments after the event where they will have the chance to share their experiences of the day; there are always adventures and tales to be told!

The photos that are taken are always a highlight and are frequently used in newsletters and shared with colleagues.

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