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Trial by Jury

Trial By Jury

Trial By Jury

We Find The Defendant ...

Trial By Jury is a sophisticated variant of our ever popular Murder Mystery event.

A Judge presents the background to an interesting case and four suspects are called to the 'dock' between courses to give their account of events. You then become the Jury. 

Each table works as a team analysing the evidence before them and taking it in turns to question each witness.

At the end of the meal each table elects a foreman and delivers their verdict. This is a very interesting evening event that allows people to get as involved as they wish. Some will prefer to watch proceedings, while others will find themselves possessed by the spirit of Rumpole himself acting out a lifelong fantasy by being a barrister for the evening.

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"Not only was the team building fun and exciting but it was also informative. I think people learned a lot about the people they see every day that they did not know before".


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