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Go Mad in the Country!

Jo, Dick and George are spending the holidays in the New Forest with Uncle Quentin, a scientist working on a top secret government project. Uncle Quentin spends most of his time locked up in his study and the children are worried that they will have an awful time with only Mrs Hyde, the dull housekeeper, for company. When Uncle Quentin and then Jo disappear, Dick and George are left having to investigate their disappearance without a sensible member of their group for guidance. PC Catchem turns up, doubtful that anything mysterious has happened at all. A creepy Doctor arrives with an explanation and evidence that Uncle Quentin and Jo have simply gone to Brighton by train for a day out??

Can you help Dick and George solve the mystery? Has harm come to Jo and Uncle Quentin?  Is Dr Black as sinister as he seems?

This activity works perfectly in the New Forest, Hampshire and can be done on foot, in taxis or for the full effect on mountain bikes meeting at Brockenhurst train station. Shorts and school ties optional but jolly well encouraged!

After the initial brief, PC Catchem will arrive with further information to arm you with all you need to begin your investigation, you will then be free to collect clues and meet various suspects to help you hopefully solve the mystery!

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