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Team Building In Cambridge

Cambridge, a city renowned for its historic charm and academic brilliance, offers plenty of opportunities for conference and team building event organisers. The enchanting Cambridge colleges and open spaces provide a stunning backdrop for land-based events, while the tranquil River Cam offers a serene setting for boat trips around Cambridge. Each event we plan in Cambridge is meticulously tailored to your needs, drawing from our wealth of experience in this location.

The heart of Cambridge, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, serves as an ideal location for events. Cambridge university’s historic colleges, with their breathtaking architecture and storied pasts, make it an ideal location for a Treasure Hunt. You can explore the quaint neighbourhoods of Cambridge, like Grantchester, celebrated for its scenic countryside and historic tea rooms. This area, rich in history and natural beauty, is perfect for engaging team building activities such as our Out & About Murder Mystery event.

Our Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt would work particularly well in Cambridge and could incorporate punting, something that is on many people’s bucket list! Cambridge’s excellent transport links make it easily accessible by train or car, positioning it as a convenient destination for conferences. Cambridge city’s proximity to Stansted and London airports further enhances its appeal, ensuring travel options for all attendees. 



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Team Building Events In Cambridge

You have the full choice of our events when you choose Cambridge as your event location, but to give your day a flavour of the area something with an intellectual leaning might be advantageous. 

Cambridge College Halls and Venues: Many of the colleges in Cambridge have event locations that can be hired for team building events. These are typically very attractive buildings, steeped in history, and particularly appealing to colleagues from outside the UK.

Cambridge Special Event Venues: Cambridge features numerous picturesque outdoor venues ideal for country sports and team building activities. These locations offer a different sort of backdrop for your events. For example, there are Tudor dining halls, world renowned museums and historic gardens around Cambridge.

Cambridge River Cam: If you are looking for water-based activities, Cambridge offers the tranquil River Cam. Land on the banks of the river is ideal for Fun Days or even It's A Knockout style events. Punting on the River Cam is a quintessential Cambridge experience, perfect for adding a unique touch to your event.

Historic Charm: We cannot overlook the historic charm of Cambridge, with its iconic architecture and storied past. The city of Cambridge provides a perfect base for team building events, whether you are exploring on foot or by bicycle. Our Treasure Hunt is an excellent way to discover all of Cambridge, and our Hidden Quest event adds an extra layer of engagement.

Why Choose Cambridge for Corporate Team Building

Event locations are often predetermined by the location of your offices or chosen as a convenient midpoint for teams traveling from various parts of the UK. If you have the flexibility to choose a location, Cambridge offers many advantages. It boasts excellent hotels and venues suitable for a wide range of team building events. 

Maxine Maloney asked us to organise her event and find a venue;  ‘I asked The Team Building Company to help organise an event on our behalf, and their service was great. They took care of everything, even down to finding us a venue to host the games. We went for the Crystal Challenge event which I would highly recommend; no specialist skills needed, so really good if you are looking for an activity for people with all different skills.’ 

Nikki Divers chose a CSI theme for her team building event; ‘We were a mixed group of men and women and four nationalities and still the team manged to involve everyone in a really interesting thought provoking challenge. The acting was excellent, the leadership was timely and helpful without us having to worry about it, and everyone had a really good afternoon that helped build team spirit and was discussed for the next 24 hours!’



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Top three Team Building events in Cambridge

Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt in Cambridge

Our Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt is an ideal event for Cambridge, as we take teams into the hidden locations and fascinating history of this renowned city. Each team is given an iPad loaded with our state of the art Treasure Hunt software. You will visit such locations as Jesus Green, a green space close to Jesus College, and Parker’s Piece, a location with links to the development of Football Association rules. With fascinating sights to see and absorbing puzzles to solve it really is worth taking a punt on this event in Cambridge!

Molecular Cooking in Cambridge

This really is something a bit different, and probably an activity that will be new to all members of your team. Molecular Cooking combines food preparation with a mad scientist vibe in the kitchen. This team building activity really suits the academic ambience of Cambridge. Chemistry comes into play as your team prepares spheres, foams and gels under the watchful eye of our experienced chef instructors. Molecular Cooking is an indoor activity and suited to groups of any size. We bring a mobile kitchen with multiple workstations to suit the number of teams in your event. We can even set up at your offices, for on-site team building.

Crime Scene Investigation in Cambridge

Your team dons coveralls, gloves and overshoes and steps into our realistic crime scene to search for forensic evidence. A murder has been committed, and the experiments and tests that we help you with will point you to the killer. There are two witnesses for you to cross-examine, and they may become suspects as the case evolves. The Nutcracker Agency experienced this event; ‘The CSI event was brilliant, we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and spoke about it throughout the night.’ Beat Capital also chose the CSI team building event; ‘The whole group really loved the CSI event last week. It was fun and inclusive for all and different from the usual “Team Building” people expect.’ The aim of Crime Scene Investigation is to provide an immersive experience, which combines an absorbing activity with a realistic situation. It is a perfect choice for a senior management team.




Outdoor Team Building Events in Cambridge

If your hotel has a suitable field, we can transform it into an event space, offering activities like Country Sports, It’s A Knockout, and our hugely popular Crystal Challenge. While outdoor events can be at the mercy of the weather we host them year-round, and we can mitigate for bad weather by bringing disposable macs and umbrellas. Tanya Clarke, founder of Roadtrip Quilter, shared this experience; ‘ I have spent three days at on offsite meeting and The Team Building Company provided activities for two afternoons.  On one afternoon we had the Parmesan Job and then on the second day the Crystal Challenge. Our group thoroughly enjoyed both events and especially driving around the countryside in the nifty Fiat 500s! Such a great way to get to know our colleagues and you soon learnt who was most competitive. The Crystal challenge was equally testing for our mental skills and team competition.  All played in good humour with lots of laughter.’

Indoor Team Building Events in Cambridge

You do not need to worry about the weather when you choose an indoor event, and Cambridge has no shortage of large indoor spaces that can host our full range of choices. Holly Clifton booked an indoor team building event for her team; ‘I used The Team Building Company to host our team event of 50 people and it was so much fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and the team running the event were really friendly and made the experience that much better. We did the Ultimate Challenge and would highly recommend this event as it suits lots of different personalities and everyone can get involved’. This makes a good point. When we create a new event one of our aims is to ensure that it offers something for everyone. Different aspects appeal to different types; introverts and extroverts, the more cerebral and the more physical. We aim to get all of this covered.

Evening Team Building Events in Cambridge

Evening events include such fun and games as Casino Evenings, Quizzes and Murder Mystery evenings. We have a variety of shows all produced to a very high ‘corporate’ standard with the correct equipment, engaging staff, and all overseen by a charismatic master of ceremonies. Arti Rajput sent us this feedback; ‘We hired The Team Building Company for their Murder Mystery package and would recommend this to any business looking to have fun at company away days. The actors were engaging, professional and fun, taking any of our concerns seriously beforehand and making sure everyone was comfortable. They transformed our dinner into a spectacular Great Gatsby WHO DID IT?’ The Salvation Army had a mixture of alcohol-free events in the run up to dinner; ‘Everyone so enjoyed the team building day from “mocktails” to chocolate the feedback has been tremendous. It has been said that it was the best day ever, so thank you so much to your team(s) for making it such a special day’.

Icebreaker Team building Events in Cambridge

We have all experienced the slight discomfort of entering a room filled with unfamiliar faces. Icebreakers are designed to alleviate this by providing a collective activity that helps a group navigate the early moments of an event. They can also serve as energisers, helping to refresh attendees' minds after a morning meal or even lunch. Danni Staines sent us an email after her event;
‘We recently had The Team Building Company run an activity for one of our off-sites and I couldn't be happier. From the request right down to the execution of the activity, everything ran smoothly. We were looking for a specific activity so the team was happy to amend and adjust an activity they already had to suit our request better. The team that arrived on the day to execute the activity were lovely, very professional and really got involved with the team. Everyone had so much fun!’

Company Fun Days in Cambridge

The Company Fun Day is a special event format held in a spacious outdoor area featuring a variety of activities, and entertainment to engage children if employees' families are invited. Typically, there will be music, food, and ice cream or other delicious offerings. These events are perfect for companies looking to involve their employees' families and they are important social occasions for staff members. Family Fun Days can become an annual tradition. We can assist you in finding the ideal location from the many options available in Cambridge. Crown Commercial have an annual Company Fun Day and their feedback was; ‘in short, they were amazing! It all ran smoothly, the team were excellent and the activities went down really well. Professional, easy to work with and some really great, engaging activities!’ One of the lasting legacies of this event format is the wonderful colourful photographs that come from the day. These can be displayed in the workspace and given to employees to take home.

Company Away Days in Cambridge

The Away Day is, quite simply, a day away from the usual work environment. Cambridge is easily reached from many locations, and this makes it an ideal location for a company away day. 
S.Whyte was the organiser of his company’s away day, and we received the following feedback; ‘
Ryan and the team looked after us brilliantly for the "Together We Can" challenges. They kept us all on course, offered encouragement and prompts where needed.  We had the best day, feedback from staff is "one of the best away days I have been to in 17 years".’ Charlotte Williams is another client; ‘We used The Team Building Company for a corporate away day to bring together the team who have all been working remotely for the last 20 months. They organised 60 loud sales people with ease and our staff had nothing but great feedback on the event’.

Company Team Building in Cambridge

Cambridge is a perfect location for a Company Team Building Event, as the following client feedback from Nicola Nugent attests; ‘What an amazing day! I work for a university and booked the Crystal Challenge for a team of about 20 people. I find that it's always hard to get people enthusiastic when you mention team building, but we all had such a great time and laughed the whole day. The organisation went so smoothly and the staff on the day were fabulous. I can't recommend this highly enough’. PWC sent us this wrap up after their event; ‘The team really enjoyed the ‘Olympic Games’ event and we received loads of positive feedback with respect to the session. Based on feedback the team really enjoyed the mixture of activities and felt that it made the session inclusive for all attendees. Both Volleyball and Table football were the games that the team found most enjoyable. Overall it was a really fun session’.

Competitive Team Building Events in Cambridge

Competition is really important for many companies, and we can help by providing events that encourage healthy, friendly competition. We provide medals for winning teams, and these are popular without being so valuable that those who do not win feel aggrieved. Karolina Heneghan sent us a lovely email after her company event; ‘The Team Building Company organised our outdoor team activities in August and it was absolutely amazing. The staff were friendly and created a great atmosphere. Games were great and challenging. We had a brilliant time bonding and everyone was very happy. I can recommend them for company events’. Emile Wright booked us for company day out; ‘ The Ultimate Challenge was a huge success and brought our team together whilst bringing out our competitive streaks! Seamless booking process, and clear communication prior to the event. The hosts were engaging and brought a great atmosphere to our event’.

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in Cambridge

Creativity is an important benefit of well-run team building events. The Cambridge environment brings a refreshing and  motivating backdrop to this, and we have a range of events that are perfect for creative team building. Stefanie Hingley wanted something above and beyond the norm; ‘We did the cooking class after a long day of meetings. There were 16 of us, and it was fun to do something different than the typical restaurant dinner. The team loved it and we won't hesitate to use them again.’ Paula Ecclestone opted for Ready, Steady, Bake! ‘From conception to completion our event could not have run more smoothly.  On the actual day, Dan and Anna (the chefs) were friendly, fun and professional showing everyone how to execute each item. The day itself was a massive amount of competitive fun and we are all talking about it in the office today (as well as eating the remnants of our bakes!)

Charity Team Building Events in Cambridge

Various Cambridge based charities will host corporate clients to participate in Charity Team Building Events. We will collaborate with these organisations to arrange a day where the project details are set, all necessary supplies are ready, and catering is provided throughout the event. We will also take care of health and safety measures, perform risk assessments, and discuss any insurance requirements with you. Projects often involve hands-on activities, such as building sensory gardens or creating studios for various activities. For a more creative twist you might consider a charity bake-off, selling the results to raise funds. We ensure that each program is tailored to suit the participants. Engaging in charity team building activities provides employees with a sense of purpose and fulfilment, fostering teamwork and community involvement. These initiatives can also demonstrate a company’s commitment to social responsibility and align with its core values.