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Team Building In Hampshire

Hampshire, our home county, offers many advantages for the conference and event organiser. With abundant open spaces it is ideal for land-based team building events, while the coastal waters provide opportunities for exploration in sailing boats, RIB speedboats or luxurious gin palaces for those seeking a touch of hospitality. Every event we offer can be enjoyed somewhere in Hampshire, with no limitations on choice. The main coastal cities, Southampton and Portsmouth, along with the internationally renowned sailing town of Lymington are team building event hotspots. Lymington, in particular, offers plentiful sailing and powerboating opportunities, making it a prime location for memorable events.

Further inland, the town of Winchester is a popular destination. Once the capital of England, Winchester boasts a rich history, including links to Knights of the Round Table – a legendary team! The New Forest, a vast National Park, provides an inspiring setting for team building events.  Here, teams can enjoy a Treasure Hunt on mountain bikes amidst some of the most inspiring surroundings in England. Easily accessible by train or car, Hampshire is one of the most popular locations in the United Kingdom for conferences. The increasingly well connected airports at Bournemouth and Southampton add to the appeal of this destination for team building events.



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Team Building Events In Hampshire

Since all of our events are available in Hampshire, we focus on those that make the best use of this versatile location. 

Coastal Adventures: The Solent, the stretch of water between the mainland and the Isle of Wight, offers an exceptional opportunity for water-based activities. With experienced skippers, you can enjoy a safe and thrilling day out on the water. Boats can take you close to some of the finest restaurants in the area, adding a culinary delight to your adventure.

Hotel Grounds: Many hotels in Hampshire have spacious grounds that are perfect for various team building activities. These venues are ideal for hosting events that require a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, providing flexibility and convenience for organisers.

Outdoor Event Sites: Hampshire boasts numerous outdoor event sites perfect for country sports activities and team building challenges. These locations provide a natural and refreshing setting for your events, ensuring an engaging and memorable experience for all participants.

We have to mention Hampshire’s New Forest National Park which covers 218 square miles of beautiful heathland and forest. There are hotels set within this stunning setting, and you can head out on a team building event either in cars or mountain bikes to really get the most out of this location. Our Treasure Hunt is the perfect way of doing this, and our Parmesan Job event is another exciting option.

Why Choose Hampshire for Corporate Team Building

For most choosing Hampshire as a location for your next event will come down to geography. The journey from London is a couple of hours by train or car, and the majority of clients who book an event in Hampshire are either based locally or they are travelling from London, and often staying in a hotel for a two or three day event.

Other clients specifically choose Hampshire because they want to take advantage of The Solent or the National Park.

Joe Ward organised a corporate team building day at a hotel in Hampshire, and this is his feedback; ‘the team ran a great Crystal Challenge for us in Brockenhurst. All of my colleagues loved the event and have commented that it has helped to boost strong relationships in the office. The communication from the whole Team Building Company team, from start to end, was fantastic! Thanks to everyone involved.’

Radcliffe & Co also chose Hampshire for their annual event. Alex, who organised it, gave us this feedback; ‘The Radcliffe & Co annual staff day, held in Lymington, was a great success. The Team Building Company hosted a "Crystal Challenge" with lots of fun activities and games. Staff were very friendly and it was a great day all round.’



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Top three Team Building events in Hampshire

The Parmesan Job 1 & 2 in Hampshire

The Parmesan Job is our original event based on “The Italian Job”. Each team is given the keys to a new Fiat 500, the much loved cinquecento, and they drive around hampshire meeting eccentric characters, solving puzzles and following clues to get them to the next location. The thrilling finale involves ‘blowing the doors off’ a van to get to the treasure. This is often described as the best team building event that participants have ever experienced. We then created The Parmesan Job II, the sequel. This involved a new script, new challenges, and the addition of speedboats and, budget permitting, helicopters!

Rib Treasure Hunt in Hampshire

Our Treasure Hunt event can be experienced in RIB speedboats along the coast of Hampshire and The Solent. This is an epic event. Harbour Hotels experienced it with their Heads of Departments; ‘Just back from the Isle of Wight. I wanted to say a big thank you for sorting this out for us, especially as it was so last minute. All the HOD’s were so impressed, most of them had not been on the ribs before so they really enjoyed it. 

Country Sports in Hampshire

Hampshire is one location where we have no trouble finding space for our Country Sports event. Put on a flat cap, grab a walking stick, and join us for a team building event that can include Laser Clay Shooting, Archery, Quad Bike driving, Blindfold Driving (we can explain, and it is as crazy as it sounds!) and Duck Herding. This event is very popular in the autumn, when the Hampshire countryside is at its most beautiful. Enjoy rural pursuits, and then head back to your hotel where a roaring fire and hot toddy awaits.

Outdoor Team Building Events in Hampshire

The availability of land in Hampshire makes it the ideal location for outdoor events. If your hotel has a field available we can set up on site, and options include Country Sports, It’s A Knockout, and our ever popular “Crystal Challenge" tribute, The Crystal Challenge. This is one of our most popular events. The famous game show ran on the TV, at its most popular in the 1990s. Our early iteration used various materials with which we created a variety of challenging team building activities. Over the years we developed these activities into a range of bespoke games made from such materials as stainless steel and purpose built printed vinyl. As team building enthusiasts we find them beautiful to behold, but we will be happy if you tell us that they are simply impressive! Outdoor events can be weather dependent especially in Hampshire, however we run them all year round and firmly believe in the maxim that there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes.

Indoor Team Building Events in Hampshire

The range of indoor team building events includes various types of cooking events and Chocolate Making. We have developed an indoor version of our Crystal Challenge, Together We Can and our very popular Crime Scene Investigation event, which involves forensics and live suspects who must be cross-examined. Our F1 Challenge is a very successful indoor event that really has benefits for your team. Penny Allen, one of our clients based in Hampshire, said this of her experience; ‘We thoroughly enjoyed building our F1 car today! Great fun, totally recommend it for team building, boosting morale and genuinely a load of fun!’ if a cooking activity appeals our ‘Ready, Steady, Bake!’ event involves cake, and that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Charlotte Andrew chose this for her team, and here is her feedback; ‘The British Bake Off was a complete success at our team kick off meeting last week. The TBC guys were full of energy and really helpful with the team making it a very enjoyable day! Would highly recommend!’

Evening Team building Events in Hampshire

Here you can choose from Millionaire By Midnight, a series of fun activities where players win money for their teams, Quizmania which redefines the quiz genre, or a Murder Mystery evening. In each case we pick the right staff to ensure that your evening is engaging and has a professional feel. If you choose a casino night, our croupiers will have been trained in a real casino. If you choose a Murder Mystery you can expect real actors and not just enthusiastic amateurs. Besins Healthcare asked us to supply a casino at a Portsmouth landmark; ‘Our evening at the Spinnaker Tower went very well all guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all of the croupiers were great and really engaged with the guests. I think we may have had some cheaters!’ We categorise these activities as evening events but there is no reason why you could not book any of these fun games at any time of the day.

Icebreaker Team Building Events in Hampshire

We are all familiar with that slightly awkward feeling of walking into a room full of strangers. The purpose of the icebreaker is to make that easier by giving a group a shared experience that helps them through that initial stage of an event. Icebreakers can also be energisers, designed to clear people’s heads after a hotel breakfast, or even a lunch. They are typically short, exciting iterations of such events as the Haka Workshop (or should that be battle camp?), Drumming, and Egg Toss in which teams build a device capable of flinging a fresh egg, or one of our safe rubber eggs, as far as  possible. Our Treasure Hunt icebreaker is a particularly good choice in the warmer months if you are holding a conference in a hotel with nice grounds, and we have adapted the extended version of this format into something that can last thirty minutes, an hour, or any length of time.

Company Fun Days in Hampshire

The Company Fun Day is a particular event format that is held in a large open space and includes Country Sports, inflatable games, Olympic Games components, and activities to keep children amused if you are inviting the families of employees. There will typically be a sound system, a picnic or barbecue and we can even bring in an ice cream van. Visually the scene will be colourful, with the focus on fun activities and light-hearted competitions running through the day. These events are good for companies that want to get their employees’ families involved, and to give everyone an opportunity to socialise. For many companies a Family Fun Day becomes part of their annual calendar, and we have seen some of them develop from a small event to a much larger production over the years. We can help you to find the perfect location from one of the many options available in Hampshire.

Company Away Days in Hampshire

The away day is essentially a trip away from the office. Companies book an event and employees travel to a location in the countryside. Hampshire is a perfect location for an away day as it is close enough to many towns to make it just a short drive to a good spot. What sort of event would be perfect for a team building away day? The answer is more or less any of the events in our selection. Because the event is lasting for a day, and not an overnight, the scope of locations increases significantly. There are some really nice pubs in Hampshire that have adjacent fields that can be used for activities. Our Treasure Hunts are a good choice, and of course no land is needed for this event. We can even meet you all at a railway station with correctly sized mountain bikes for all of the team members, and use them for transport for the day.

Company Team Building in Hampshire

If you have already decided to hold your company team building in Hampshire, then you can be assured that you have chosen a great location with no limitations. If you are still deciding on where to go for your event then Hampshire is a good choice because you can do any of our activities, and there are some fantastic hotels and other venues to choose from.  Janet Nesbeth chose the Team Building Company to run her company’s event and this is her feedback;  ‘Our organisation have used The Team Building Company on a few occasions now. We’ve done the Crystal Challenge, Ultimate Challenge & It’s a Knockout. What can I say? Every member of staff who participated thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They organised everything and all ran smoothly. Our last event it’s a knockout was the best. I haven’t laughed so much. Ryan and his team were brilliant. We will be using them again next month.’

Competitive Team Building Events in Hampshire

In some companies a competitive culture is important. Our events are useful, because they foster light-hearted competition where only fun is at stake. We can score activities and, at the end of the session, give medals to the winners. There is nothing quite like a running score through the day to energise and enthuse the participants. Louise at Watmos Community Homes enjoyed the competitive element of The Ultimate Challenge; ‘We booked "The Ultimate Challenge" for last Friday night and it went fantastically well. I honestly do not think it could have gone better. Lotta and her lovely team had a very tough audience but they got them totally involved and they all became very competitive.  I honestly think because of the success of the challenge that our Saturday event worked so well, and we all felt the outcomes could not have been any better. I can highly recommend this company and will hopefully get the chance to work with you all again.’

Creative Team Building Events & Activities in Hampshire

The countryside and fresh air of Hampshire give the perfect setting for creative team building events and activities. This genre of events includes our cooking events, such as Cuisine Team and Ready, Steady, Bake! It also covers DaVinci Designs and our Rollercoaster Challenge. Most events require an element of creativity, but some more than others and our experienced team can advise you on the best choice for your specific goals. Stacey Rickford booked DaVinci Designs for her creative team building event and this is her feedback; ‘My team really enjoyed the Da Vinci Design workshop (even though there was some scepticism to begin with!).  Of all the events we did at our offsite, this was undoubtedly the best for team building; everyone enjoyed it and I noticed a tangible change in the team dynamic between the start and end of the workshop. Well done The Team Building Company - you got this one just right!’

Charity Team Building Events in Hampshire

There are various charities in Hampshire that encourage participation in Charity Team Building Events from corporate clients. We will liaise with these and set up a day where the project has been defined, all of the necessary resources are in place, and catering is set up through the day.  We will also oversee health and safety requirements, including risk assessments, and liaise with you on any insurance necessities. Projects often involve building, for example sensory gardens and studios for activities. We can also be more creative, for example your team might put on a show for an audience with the assistance of our team of actors. We ensure that whatever programme is chosen it will suit the participants. By engaging in charity team building, employees experience a sense of purpose and fulfilment, which fosters both teamwork and community engagement simultaneously. These initiatives can also align with a company’s values, giving a clear example of commitment to social responsibility.