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Team Building In Oxford

Oxford, with its timeless charm and renowned academic heritage, offers a wealth of opportunities for organising conferences and team building events. The city’s picturesque colleges and green parks create a magnificent backdrop for our Quest style challenges, while The Thames provides a tranquil setting for boating excursions. Each event that we design in Oxford is bespoke, tailored precisely to your needs. At the heart of Oxford is the illustrious University of Oxford which hires out some wonderful rooms for events. The city’s ancient colleges, with their impressive architecture and rich traditions, are perfect for a Treasure Hunt that immerses participants in the city's scholarly atmosphere.

Discover the delightful neighbourhoods of Oxford such as Jericho, known for its scenic streets and historic taverns. This area, rich in history and charm, is perfect for interactive team building activities like our Murder Mystery event. Our Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt fits exceptionally well in Oxford and can incorporate punting, a must-do experience for many visitors. Oxford's excellent transport connections make it easily accessible by train or car, making it a convenient spot for conferences. The city's proximity to Heathrow and London airports further boosts its appeal, ensuring easy travel for all participants.








Team Building Events In Oxford

Choosing Oxford as your event location opens up a wide range of activities and venues, each capturing the unique intellectual and historic essence of the city. 

College Halls and Venues: Oxford's colleges offer exceptional event spaces that can be rented for team building activities. These venues, housed in historic and architecturally stunning buildings, provide an impressive setting that will delight colleagues, especially those visiting from abroad.

Special Event Venues: The city boasts numerous scenic outdoor locations ideal for country sports and team building events. Oxford's beautiful botanical gardens and expansive parks can be visited in a Treasure Hunt. While we cannot put up our event equipment in public areas, there are many excellent hotels within a short distance where this is possible.

River Thames: For water-based activities, the tranquil River Thames is a standout option. The riverbanks are perfect for Country Sports or Inflatable Games, and punting on the River Thames or hiring a boat for a drinks reception will make good use of the iconic river.

Historic Charm: Oxford's historic charm, with its ancient buildings and rich history, is integral to its appeal. The city’s colleges and hotels serve as ideal bases for team building activities. Our Treasure Hunt is a fantastic way to uncover the city’s hidden gems, while our Parmesan Job team building event adds excitement to the day.

Why Choose Oxford for Corporate Team Building

While conference locations are frequently chosen based on their proximity to your workplace or as a central point for teams traveling from various parts of the UK, having the flexibility to select your location offers great advantages. Oxford, in particular, boasts a variety of excellent hotels and venues that are perfect for a wide range of team building events. Sarah Robinson needed us to find a location for her event; ‘From first contact with The Team Building Company I was impressed with the level of service and ‘can do’ attitude that made it a pleasure to work with you.

Every aspect of our event from arranging the activities, to venue, accommodation and beyond was executed with professionalism making my role as organiser that much easier. The day itself went like clockwork with the event team ensuring everyone enjoyed themselves, and boy we did just that! I received many compliments on the event, and would certainly recommend The Team Building Company to anyone looking for a great all round experience of organising and taking part in a team building day.’
Our team are waiting to help you with every aspect of organising your event in Oxford, from choosing the perfect activity to selecting the best venue.



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Top three Team Building events in Oxford

Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt in Oxford

As with other towns and cities, Oxford is a superb setting for our Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt. This is a Treasure Hunt, enhanced by the detail and interesting content that we cram into it. Did you know that various scenes in the Harry Potter films were filmed in Oxford? Part of The Bodleian Library was used as Hogwart’s library, and The Divinity School was the setting for Hogwart’s Infirmary. The Great Hall of Christ Church College was the inspiration for The Great Hall at Hpgwart’s. Oxford has been used as the setting for many films, and this gives you an idea of why it is such a great location for a team building event.

Parmesan Job in Oxford

The Parmesan Job is our very exciting themed event based on the famous film of a similar name. This event is an enhanced Treasure Hunt with a script, costumed characters and a grand finale involving van doors and pyrotechnics – you know the idea! We are putting this event in the Oxford top three because a scene in the 1969 film was actually filmed in Oxford. Keble College is the setting of the fictional “Ministry of Transport” where Charlie Croker, played by Michael Caine, visits Professor Peach, played by Bennie Hill. So, there you have it, and not a lot of people know that! Caroline at Site Electrics sent us the following feedback; ‘Everyone had a really great time and the feedback has been so positive. It was the first time we have ever done anything team building related. It was so successful and so enjoyed by everyone that it is already on the list of things we have to do on the next weekend away’.

Film Making in Oxford

Several films have already been mentioned in our focus on Oxford, but there are more. This is why our hugely entertaining Film Making team building event features in our top three list. Other examples of films part filmed in Oxford include the 2010 Alice in Wonderland and The Golden Compass. Sanctuary booked a Film Making team building event with us. This was their experience; 
‘we are still recovering from laughing so much after the films were shown on Wednesday evening.  The way in which your team took control of 75+ petrified people and turned them into 10 teams of fun-loving actors was superb.  Everyone loved the way in which your team managed the 4 hours, were on hand to help, provide ideas and technical support as well as really getting into the spirit of what we were trying to achieve. We showed the films to the teams, plus the CEO and Chairperson who were all in stitches of laughter which carried on into the next day as well, so your team definitely lived up to your company’s name!



Outdoor Team Building Events in Oxford

Many things come to mind when considering the unique character of Oxford. Punting, Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture, Medieval architecture, castles and vaults. Expect a Treasure hunt to include plenty of these, as well as the occasional gargoyle! There is more to consider, though, when it comes to team building event choices. Country Sports may be the right choice for your team. This category includes Laser Clay Shooting, Quad Bikes and Archery. The University of Oxford has one of the oldest archery clubs in the UK, the Oxford University Company of Archers.  You may not be of a standard to compete with them, but the area has form when it comes to toxophily. Freja Artby booked this activity; ‘The Team Building Company came to our te