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Team Building In Surrey

Surrey, a county rich in natural beauty and historic charm, offers a plethora of opportunities for conference and event organisers. All of our outdoor and indoor team building events are available in Surrey, and we will help you to find a perfect location if you do not have one already.

Guildford and Woking, the bustling heart of Surrey, along with the historic market town of Farnham, serve as prime locations for events. Farnham, with its quaint streets and vibrant cultural scene, is a very good location for an urban Treasure Hunt.

You could venture into the charming town of Dorking, renowned for its vineyards and the stunning Box Hill. This town based in Surrey, steeped in history and surrounded by breath-taking scenery, is perfect for immersive team building activities such as The Parmesan Job and Cyber Heist.

The Surrey Hills, designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, provide an inspiring and invigorating setting for team building events. Here, your team can embark on a Treasure Hunt, exploring some of the most captivating landscapes in England.

Surrey is easily accessible by train or car, making it a convenient destination for conferences. The county's proximity to Heathrow and Gatwick airports further enhances its appeal, ensuring convenient travel for attendees. 




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Team Building Events In Surrey

Since all of our events are accessible in Surrey, we tailor our offerings to maximise the unique advantages of this location.

Hotel Grounds: Many hotels in Surrey boast expansive grounds, perfect for a diverse range of team building exercises. These sites are ideal for events requiring a blend of indoor and outdoor environments, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience for event organisers.

Scenic Event Venues: Surrey features numerous picturesque outdoor venues ideal for country sports and team building activities. These locations offer a serene and invigorating backdrop for your events. For example, Surrey is home to a number of vineyards, and many of these have land available for activities. An event, followed by a wine tasting, makes for a very enjoyable day.

Water parks: If you are looking for water-based activities Surrey has a number of water parks. These locations are ideal for Fun Days or even It’s A Knockout.

We cannot overlook the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, encompassing 163 square miles of awe-inspiring landscapes. Within this stunning region hotels provide a perfect base for team building events, whether you are exploring by car or mountain bike. Our Treasure Hunt is an excellent way to discover the area, and our Parmesan Job event adds an extra layer of excitement.

Why Choose Surrey for Corporate Team Building

For many people, picking Surrey for your next event comes down to its great location. It is just a quick and easy trip from London by train or car, making it very convenient. Many of our clients who book events in Surrey either work nearby or are coming from London, often staying in a hotel for a couple of days. The proximity of Gatwick and Heathrow airports also make this a convenient location for international gatherings.

Others choose Surrey specifically to enjoy the beautiful River Thames or the stunning Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Paul Yeomans gave this review following his event in Surrey; ‘We used The Team Building Company last week for our European Leadership event. The Crystal Challenge was enjoyed by all attendees. A great mixture of mental, physical and logical challenges provided the perfect accompaniment to our management discussions earlier in the day, helped enormously by the enthusiastic and good humoured approach of the Team Building Company team members. We will certainly be using them again in the future.’

Given the ease of access, the proliferation of excellent venues and the availability of the full range of our team building events Surrey is an excellent area for any conference or event.





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Top three Team Building events in Surrey

The Parmesan Job in Surrey

The Parmesan Job is consistently described as the best team building event that anyone has ever done. There is an engaging script based on the film of almost the same name, entertaining content in the form of challenges around the area, and to cap it all each team has a Fiat 500 as their mode of transport. Emily Heerey booked this event for her team; ‘we booked the 'Parmesan Job' and I have to say it was the best team building activity I have done in a long time! Would highly recommend - the team loved it!’ The Parmesan Job is particularly suited to Surrey because the lay of the land can be quite hilly, and teams will always appreciate having a Fiat 500 at their disposal rather than a mountain bike. This event has been so successful that we had to create a sequel, and The Parmesan Job II was born. This involves a new script and new transport options, which can include helicopters for those who have the budget.

F1 Challenge in Surrey

This has to be a good choice, given that McLaren Racing is based in Woking and the Brooklands racing circuit is situated in Weybridge. There is a themed hotel and you can even base your event in the museum. Cicily Procter organised this team building event for her team; ‘We booked their F1 challenge for a work summer event and it was so much fun, could not recommend them more! The guys who ran it were super friendly and very accommodating of our hectic team. Everyone had a lot of fun and it was a great bonding experience with the team who many of had not met each other before due to Covid.’ The F1 Challenge is an indoor event, so it can be enjoyed all year round. The hardest part for many teams is handing their creations over at the end of the event, so we can dismantle them and responsibly recycle all of the materials.

Spy School in Surrey

Did you know that Camberley housed spies in World War II in safe houses. It was the nearby military colleges and the semi-rural environment that made this the perfect location. Our Spy School event fits this history well, or you could try a James Bond 007 Themed Treasure Hunt. Either activity would suit, but keep it under your hat. Remember, loose lips sink ships! Paula Bailey was given a mission impossible, but we helped her to make it happen; ‘I was given four weeks to find a team building activity for 60 people and it was a seamless stress-free task with this wonderful team.  They compiled a variety of options for indoor and outdoor and we settled on the 007 Agent Exercise and the whole team had such a great time and enjoyed the event thoroughly. Very well organised, brilliant company.  I will definitely be using them again next year.’



Outdoor Team Building Events in Surrey

The spacious areas in Surrey make it a fantastic place for outdoor events. If your hotel has a field, we can set up right there. You can choose from activities like Country Sports, It’s A Knockout, and Cyber Heist Treasure Hunt. In this event a virus is let loose in your company system, and you have to perform a series of challenges at the behest of a villainous hacker. Only your success can save the day! Inclement weather is always a consideration in our green and pleasant land. With the right clothing we still have a lot of fun in the outdoors, even when it rains. Helen Ball still enjoyed her day in spite of the weather’s best efforts; ‘wind swept fun and games - what a great team day, with fantastic cheerful staff to compliment the activities of Country Sports.  My colleagues really enjoyed the day.’ You can rely on our team to keep spirits up!

Indoor Team building Events in Surrey

Our indoor team building activities offer a unique array of experiences, from culinary adventures like Molecular Cooking to thrilling challenges. We have reimagined our Crystal Challenge, iPad Movie Making, and the immensely popular Crime Scene Investigation to make them ideal for indoor locations. The Crime Scene Investigation immerses participants in forensic analysis with live suspects for interrogation. Lucy Carne booked this event; ‘What a fantastic day and it's all thanks to the Team Building Company. The team went above and beyond to provide an exceptional day for our corporate event. The actors were incredibly professional and the quality of the event was brilliant. Another standout is our F1 Challenge, a dynamic indoor event that delivers exceptional team building benefits.’ Shellyanne Bryan from ITG Connect sent us this feedback; ‘We did the Crystal challenge in December, and it was a blast; it really got us thinking and working together.’

Evening Team Building Events in Surrey

We have a wide range of events that can enhance your team building event, whether that is before, during, or after dinner. Options include Millionaire By Midnight, where teams attempt to make as much money as possible by the end of the event on such challenges as a Fun Casino, and Giant Scalextric. Our Murder Mystery evenings always go down a treat. Claire Williams gave this report; ‘The Team Building Company helped to arrange our first in- person meeting since Covid. We started as a team of 25 and now are over 50. We did the Murder Mystery activity, so much fun and a great activity to get all colleagues talking and mixing. We went the whole hog and dressed for the theme of "Great Gatsby". It was so much fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and the team running the event was really friendly and made the experience that much better.’

Icebreaker Team Building Events in Surrey

Icebreakers aim to provide a shared experience that helps groups navigate the initial stages of an event. They can also serve as energisers, refreshing participants after meals. These activities are usually short and engaging, such as Boombastic, where tubes are used as musical instrument. Delhi Dancing is another team building icebreaker, which brings a touch of Bollywood to your conference room. Energy is a very important quality of the successful icebreaker. Kylie Quintus sent us this review; ‘Fantastic high-energy event with laughs that wouldn't stop coming! Everyone joined in and had a great time thanks to Mark's expert facilitation from beginning to end!’ Karen Canavan also noted the energising effect of her session; ‘Great session delivered by the team, with energy, enthusiasm and great teamwork. Thank you Matt and team for a great session yesterday and of course loads of laughs.’

Company Fun Days in Surrey

The Company Fun Day is a unique event designed for large open spaces, featuring a mix of activities such as Country Sports, inflatable games, and even an It’s A Knockout competition. It also includes entertainment to keep children engaged, making it ideal for events where employees' families are invited. A typical Company Fun Day includes a sound system, a picnic or barbecue, and sometimes even an ice cream van. The Brogan Group had a Company Fun Day, and said this about their experience; ‘Fantastic day with the Team Building Company, they brought lots of energy and made sure everyone got stuck in. We did 6 activities which included: Axe Throwing, Air Pistols, Segways, Quad Bikes, Cross Bows and Human Table Football. All the activities were great but Human Table Football was a really fun way to end the day and got everyone together for our finale. We will definitely be using the company again in future, thanks so much for an excellent day.’

Company Away Days in Surrey

An away day is a day trip that takes employees out of the office and into a different environment. Companies arrange an event and the team travels to a green and pleasant location. Due to its transport connections, be that planes, trains or cars, Surrey is a very popular location for Company Away Days. Virtually any activity from our offerings would be suitable. Since the event lasts just one day a wide range of venues becomes available, including pubs, sports grounds or one of the area’s beautiful vineyards. You could opt for a Treasure Hunt or you could up the ante and take part in the exciting The Parmesan Job event. Deborah Blissett left this feedback;  ‘Wow, truly excellent - Country Sports to be highly recommended!  Fantastic company to work with and they really know their stuff.  Our team thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which were well planned, well managed and well executed.  I am a fan!’

Company Team Building in Surrey

Selecting Surrey for your company team building event guarantees a superb location with endless possibilities. It supports all our activities and offers a variety of excellent hotels and venues to choose from. Tim Burnett from Moodena chose an iconic Surrey location for his company event; ‘We had a team day organised last Friday at Kempton Park Race Courses and I can highly recommend it.  We had a lovely BBQ to start with and then some great activities and drinks after.  Everyone really enjoyed it and I can highly recommend it to any company owners wanting to have a fun team bonding day out.’ Amy St Louis said this after her event; ‘We booked this for our company's team day and had a great time! As a hybrid working team it was great for everyone to meet each other in person and complete some really fun challenges and activities! Everyone has talked about how great the day was the following week.’

Competitive Team Building Events in Surrey

A well-managed competitive culture is beneficial in many businesses. Our events cater to this by encouraging light-hearted competition purely for enjoyment. We can keep score of the activities and award medals to the winners at the end of the session. A running score throughout the day adds excitement and motivates participants, creating an energised and enthusiastic atmosphere. Tom Clarke of Recruitment Solutions describes this; ‘Excellent advice from the initial enquiry. The treasure hunt was great fun, challenging, informative and most importantly competitive between the teams. Great event executed perfectly, we could not have asked for more.’ We have extensive experience of large groups, such as this event organised by Karen Patel; ‘We have used the Team Building Company for two successive years for corporate events, catering to over 150 people. The activities on offer, organisation, and professionalism of the team are excellent. I would highly recommend using them!’

Creative Team Building Events in Surrey

While most events involve some level of creativity, certain activities emphasise it more than others. Options include our cooking events, and Stafanie Hingley organised one of these for her team; ‘Great time! We did a cooking class with a group of 16 after a long day of meetings. It was great fun and a unique experience for the team. Organisation and communication was excellent leading up to the event, the day of set up and afterwards so well done for a really good job. We will not hesitate to do it again!’ While a baking experience may take the biscuit as far as your team is concerned there are plenty of other creative options. Our F1 Challenge is great fun, and something that no-one will have any previous experience of. Or perhaps finding method, motive and murderer in one of our absorbing Murder Mysteries is just what the little grey cells need!

Charity Team Building Events in Surrey

Surrey is home to a variety of charities that welcome corporate clients for Charity Team Building Events. We coordinate with these organisations to plan a day where the project is well-defined, all necessary materials are available, and catering is provided throughout. We also handle health and safety protocols, including risk assessments, and work with you on any insurance requirements. Typical projects might involve construction tasks, such as creating sensory gardens or repainting summerhouses used for activities. For a more creative approach, your team could put on a pantomime with the support of our professional actors. Charity team building gives employees a sense of purpose and satisfaction, enhancing both teamwork and community involvement. These activities can also reflect and reinforce a company’s commitment to social responsibility, aligning with its core values.