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Risk Management, Broad Appeal, Relaxed Atmosphere, Great Fun

Casino Night Evening Event

All of the Fun of the Casino, None of the Risk!

Don your finest dinner suits and ball gowns, and with a fist full of ‘dollars’ you can chance your hand on red and lose everything - without losing anything!

How good is your Poker face in Texas Hold ‘Em? Will you get in a spin playing Roulette? Double down in Blackjack before shooting some dice on the Craps table.

For those not familiar with casino gaming, our professional croupiers are on hand to help – they’ll explain the rules and even give you tips on beating the house! We give everyone the same amount of ‘money’ to wager away…

This evening event works brilliantly before dinner, run alongside a drinks reception, or afterwards to get guests off their tables and interacting. We can run this event in a relaxed format or form teams where more competition is desired.

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Casino Night Evening Event

The Event Format

Blackjack – you play against the dealer trying to reach 21. Call for another card until your hand adds up to nearly 21 – but go over and you’re bust!

Texas Hold 'Em Poker – players play against each other. Bet on the strength of your cards, but don’t give anything away. A high bet might mean a winning hand… Or are you bluffing...?

Roulette - a game of chance, you play against the house. The ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel, it can end up in 37 pockets. Bet on red or black for an almost even chance, or go all in on green for a 35x pay-out…

Craps – take turns to roll a pair of dice, bet against each other, or the house, on the outcome of the roll. The concept is simple but the betting requires a little learning.

Our Casino set up is fully mobile. Our full size gaming tables will take ten players and are adapted to be portable, but are otherwise exactly the same as you’d find in Monte Carlo! To finish off the evening we count up your winnings to declare a winner! call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The event was a great success– we raised over £300 in donations for chips for our Send A Cow Charity. Your staff we very professional and impressed all who took part – thanks again for helping out with this at relatively short notice!

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