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Now operating outdoor & indoor events as usual

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Da Vinci's Design - Christmas Edition

Welcome to our festive themed Da Vinci's designs. The perfect way to enchant the magic of Christmas into your groups team building experience. This is a truly artistic challenge which draws upon fun competition to create your very own work of Festive art.

One half of the group are given a large blank canvas divided up into various sections. They are armed with all manner of creative art material including paint, gloves and aprons.

The second half are given a warm festive scene image picture divided into the same number of sections.

Group 1 must communicate verbally with group 2 to describe what they see on their painting segments.

Group 2 must paint their vision of what is being described.

At the end of the challenge all segments of the original picture are slotted into a giant frame to make one large picture. All segments of the new painting from group 2 are placed in an identical frame alongside the original to compare the results.

This is an amazing challenge which promotes cohesion in both a fun environment and the workplace. The pure fact that the end product is a result of effective teamwork represents the power of the newly formed team. The fact that communication is required throughout the entire afternoon allows your guests to relax and bond.

At the end of the day the canvas is removed from its stand and delivered to your offices. How lovely will it look in reception beside the tree!

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