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Times are changing and the events industry is no different! We are constantly forward thinking and looking to the future with our events to ensure that we retain our status as market leaders offering high quality unique events. Despite how times change certain activities stand the test of the time which is wear our expertise is tested to ensure that these events are modernised while still retaining their original appeal!

A perfect example of this is our Black Cab Treasure Hunts – using our state of the art iPads, clients will be completing challenges, answering questions and meeting characters as they race against each other and the clock, to be crowned the winning team. As we are aware of our responsibility to create sustainable events and limit our carbon footprint, almost all of the black cabs that we use for our treasure hunts are now electric!

Gone are the days of pen and paper quizzes! Our Quizmania event uses iPads! Together we will take your teams on a journey around the world with a wealth of general knowledge questions to answer, photo challenges and mental conundrums to complete. It works fantastically over a dinner and is the perfect end to your day – especially when the photo highlights are showcased at the end of the event whilst the scores are being calculated, guaranteed giggles galore!

All of our cooking events continue to be incredibly successful but how about Molecular Cooking? Combining science with cooking, our chefs will demonstrate the effects certain chemical reactions have on food. Ever wondered how foams, gels, spheres etc are created? Now’s your chance to learn!


We are continually updating our events so keep an eye on our latest blogs and website to see what’s coming next or give us a call on: 0800 975 0728 if you have something in mind that you can’t necessarily see, our events team will be happy to help!

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