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Halloween Parties

Halloween themed evenings

Halloween is a spooktastic time to hold your team building event, and we make no bones about the choices we have to offer at this time of year.

The obvious choice is one of our fiendish Murder Mysteries. Our team of actors always throw in an extra shock or two at Halloween - you won't have a ghost of a chance of catching this murderer! Many of the hotels at which we work have a resident ghost. Sometimes our very own Ghost Hunter, Eric Hysterik, may have to encourage it to appear.

Day Time Spooky Stuff

If you’re looking for an event that will really put a twist on your next team meeting, Cyberheist  may be just the event for you. Start off in what appears to be a normal meeting, your presentation is interrupted by our elite hacker as he takes control of the rooms PA systems. After discovering that’s he’s uploaded a virus to your company database, the clock begins to countdown as it’s up to your group to head out and complete a series of bespoke challenges!
Can your teams rise to the challenge and remove the virus, or will it be a Happy Halloween for our hacker?!

If you’d prefer to offer your guests a treat this Halloween then our Chocolate Making event might just be the perfect solution. Our master chocolatier gives our teams a brief history on chocolate, coupled with a demonstration on how to make your own. It’s then down to teams to choose their flavourings and toppings, creating their own unique treats! Teams must also come up with spookily themed branding and give a short sales pitch to our chocolatier as to why their product is the best! 

Give our team a call to discuss your Halloween event ideas. We're always here during office hours and at other times you may be able to catch one of our skeleton staff. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

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