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Problem Solving, Team Cohesion, Great Entertainment, Relaxed Atmosphere

Murder Mystery Evening Event

Whodunnit? Murder, Mischief and Mystery…

Prepare yourself for hysterics, dramatics and murderous fanatics on our Murder Mystery team event… During pre-dinner drinks there’s a dramatic scream and a gunshot – what’s happened?!

Inspector Willy Catchem arrives to explain the hullabaloo; to the shock and horror of your group he declares there’s been a murder! And the bloody blaggard is still in the building… The Inspector needs your help to catch them.

Over the course of the evening you need to piece together the clues to find the scoundrel who’s bumped off the irascible Lord Quentin-Crump of Gore Manor.

Potential suspects range from his lordship’s wife, the wayward son, a bankrupt brother and the family solicitor… All played by our ardent team of actors who will flirt and flummox your group with tales of their innocence.

This event is a tongue-in-cheek evening of dastardly double entendre and insidious innuendo. Our professional actors will have you laughing and musing in equal measure, scratching your heads as you try to figure out whodunnit!

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Traitors Themed Murder Mystery

Step into the shadows of deceit and treachery as you immerse yourself in a traitor’s event styled murder mystery. With whispers of conspiracy and betrayal echoing through the dimly lit corridors, each participant becomes both detective and suspect in a riveting tale of mystery and deception. 

In the year 1954, a gathering has been arranged by Peregrine Worsfold, who tragically passed away in January. Among the attendees are his estranged son, his former secretary and mistress, a former business associate, and a soldier with whom he shared wartime experiences. They've all been enticed to this meeting under the pretense of an inheritance from Worsfold's estate. However, little do they know that one among them is the perpetrator behind Worsfold's untimely demise.

Each of the attendees (clients) will be handed an envelope as dinner commences. Within each envelope lies a clue. Hidden within one of these envelopes is the identity of the murderer. The guests are tasked with unravelling the mystery, yet for one among them, the challenge lies in concealing their knowledge. 

Join us for an evening of suspense, suspicion, and strategy, where the stakes are high and every move could be your last. Are you ready to uncover the secrets that lie within the traitor's den?

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The Event Format

We arrange pre-dinner drinks for half an hour in an ante room to the main dining room. While your guests are mingling unawares, sinister events are unfolding nearby - a chilling murder takes place within earshot but out of sight…

Composing yourself, move through to be seated for dinner. Between courses our experienced actors will work the room and visit each table in turn, giving their version of events. But who can you trust? Nothing is quite as it seems – everyone has a motive but who has an alibi…?

With cunning costumes and realistic props you’ll be immersed in this crime caper. To round off the evening, each table shows off their sleuthing skills, suggesting who they think did it – murderer, motive and method.

We have a number of superb scripts and variations on the Murder Mystery – discuss your preferences with us. The setting can be contemporary or from the golden age of crime fiction, the roaring twenties; in a Downton Abbey, Gatsby-esque style. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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Just wanted to drop you a line to say how fabulous the murder mystery dinner was last night, the actors were brilliant, the story line was excellent and everyone enjoyed it immensely!