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Murder Scripts



Our ever popular Murder Mystery Evening event can be run in a multitude of different ways, from the terrifyingly strange to the horrifically wonderful! The event has a number of different formats that we can tailor your evening to, below is a brief outline of just some of the scripts we have to offer. 


Nirvana Holidays

A double room booking, an unsatisfied customer and a bunch of hot headed holiday company executives all add to the tension as an unexpected death occurs...

Nirvana Holidays

Tempis Fugit

'Time waits for no man'; Its the AGM of watchmakers KP Crisp and Son. Family feuds, a complex love triangle and, of course, MONEY all provide motives for a MURDERRR.

Tempus Fugit

Who Wants to be a Murderer?

What started as a harmless puzzle for some of the country's most prestigous game show contestants, soon turns into a furious battle resulting in slaughter. The only puzzle now is WHODUNNIT?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Reading of the Will

Fireworks at the reading of the late Lord Crump. An alcoholic wife, greedy sons and a mysterous new arrival fuel murderous intentions...

Reading of the Will

The Vicar's Teaparty

What could possibly go wrong at a social gathering to raise funds for the church roof? Personal vendettas between the Rev's flock - that's what...

Vicar's Teaparty

This is just a taster of some of our scripts, why not call us for a more detailed look into the entertaining and light-hearted business of MURDER..

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