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Business Links, Risk Management, Team Unity, Light Hearted Competition

Stocks & Shares Evening Event

Bulls and Bears, Boom and Bust!

Get a feel for the frantic rush of Wall Street in this stocks and shares team building challenge.

Buy and sell as the stock prices on the giant screen constantly rise and fall. Pay attention for news flashes and company rumours – every event will affect share values. Can you predict the results of events to short the market, and beat the competition…?

We turn your venue into a virtual trading ‘pit’ complete with a huge, live-feed share price screen. Events spiral out of control as share prices soar and crash – will you be able to react quickly and keep your stock safe while companies go bust?

This exciting event gives you a taste of the bustling trading floor in a light hearted simulation, highly competitive and adrenaline filled it’s a great pre-dinner filler. Think outside the box - effective team work and communication is key to execute the best trades.

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The Event Format

You’ll be met by the slick, city boy Sir Maximillian Bucks, who will split you into teams. Create a company name to inspire trust from investors, Ferrill Pynch for example.

Each team nominates one or two floor brokers to buy their stocks and shares on their behalf. You’ll need to communicate effectively with your broker to make sure they buy and sell the right stocks at the best price.

Stock prices constantly change. Buy and sell on these small movements or trade tactically as news comes in – how will the death of a CEO affect their share price..? Newspapers come fresh from the printers and breaking news appears on the screen. Insider tips and communications come straight to the trading desk.

The pace intensifies, the increasingly volatile world means more news and more price fluctuations – great chances to make moolah! Watch out though, even our listed companies can go bust – you don’t want to be frantically shifting stocks as the ship goes down…

We can turn practically any venue into a realistic trading floor, all we need is a meeting room big enough for your group. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your team for a very successful “Stocks and Shares evening”. Your team were a pleasure to work with and they really got the measure of our group and how to get the most from them. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the resounding sentiment of the evening was “that was so much fun!

Bath University