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Themed Evenings - Evening Events

A Night to Remember

Themed events are a unique way to create a memorable party or event. The theme is important, as this is your first and last impression. Many of our activities can be themed depending on what you are trying to achieve from your event.

Our Most Popular Themes Include...


James Bond 007 – The names Bond, James Bond! We have a variety of events we can offer for this theme depending on your interests. Our 007 Treasure Hunt sees teams racing around armed with their iPads to answer 007 trivia questions, complete cryptic puzzles and meet with secret agents to inevitably be the first team back, scoring the highest points and be crowned the winning team! We can also offer our spy school where teams can participate in a variety of activities, learning to be a 007 agent first hand! Or if an evening event is more your thing… everybody enjoys the opportunity to dress up in dinner suits and cocktail dresses for our Casino Royale night!

Olympics – If you have a competitive team this is particularly successful. Teams can dress up or theme their day around this activity! The Olympic Games will involve a range of track and field, shooting and team activities which will result in the winning team standing at the top of the podium showcasing their gold medals!

Easter & Halloween – The overall theme of these dates is chocolate and what better way to celebrate them than by learning to make your very own themed chocolates with our head chocolatier in our chocolate making event!

Oscar Awards – Become a film maker for the evening with our iPad Movie Making, within your teams create an award winning short film that will then be showcased to your group and in the style of the theme, the winning team will be presented with their very own Oscar and dazzle the crowd with their acceptance speech!

Holidays around the world – When we think of different cultures and different festivals we think about food! Gather your team for our team cuisine team where you will cook your very own 2 or 3 course meal in the theme of your choice dependent on the holiday whether that be Indian for Diwali, Chinese for New Year, English Fare for St Georges Day, Scottish for Burns Night – The list is endless! 

Themed Christmas Parties

Thinking of Christmas? Why not treat your staff with a fabulous Christmas Party Themed Evening? Click here to find out more

007 Themed Evening

Our corporate 007 Themed Night is one of our most popular themed events. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to dress in dinner suits and cocktail dresses!

We can provide you with full room themes, lookalikes, statues, table dress, even the music is themed. Click here to find out more...

Much More...

These are just a few ideas to get you started but we can theme most of our events to suit your needs… General ideas for company theming could include our treasure hunts which can be made bespoke with your own choice of questions relating to your company and your company logo added to the iPads and instead of building cars in our F1 Challenge, you can build tractors, sleighs, planes… whatever suits your business!

Please get in touch with our events team on: 0800 975 0728 and they will be happy to discuss your ideas, hopefully expanding on them with their experience to create the perfect event!

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