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Trial By Jury Team Building

Do You Find The Defendant Guilty… or Not Guilty?

All rise for Judge Granville Howe… You’re the jury in this riveting variation of our Murder Mystery evening. The judge presents the background to an intriguing case and three witnesses are called to the ‘dock' between courses to give their account of events…

Listen to the cross examination before questioning the defendant yourself. Work as a team to analyse the evidence – put searching questions to witnesses and the accused. Piece together the witnesses’ accounts and determine who’s telling the truth. Whose story doesn’t add up, what are they trying to hide..?

This interactive and entertaining event works brilliantly over dinner, you’ll be amused and bemused by the strangely sordid facts of the case; a love triangle, a milk float hit-and-run, a dead dachshund and a man ‘as-salted’ with a porcelain peanut bowl… When the gavel comes down will you have put the right person away?

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Trial By Jury team building activity

Murder punks

The Event Format

At the venue of your choice we set up a judge’s ‘bench’ and defendants’ ‘dock’. You’ll be greeted by Judge Howe in full court dress, red robes and wig; make sure you call him “m’lord” - you don’t want to end up in the dock yourself! You’ll be seated on team tables and each table acts a member of the jury.

Judge Howe explains the case to you, the court, and between courses the story unfolds. The defendant, Gavin Wily, is accused of the murder of newly crowned snooker champion Johnny Redman. Redman beat Wily to the £100,000 prize earlier that evening. Witnesses include a pub’s landlord, and Wily’s mistress and brooding wife.

The plot twists and turns as the witnesses come out with their statements. You’ll have to use your nous to deduce the truth! After you, the jury, pass your verdict the judge breaks the fourth wall and explains whether you’ve been successful in sleuthing out the truth. Have you convicted an innocent man, or let a crafty killer loose?! call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

Yesterday’s Trial by Jury event was thoroughly enjoyed and please pass on our thanks to the cast who delivered their roles with real enthusiasm. There were some lovely touches to create interest and it was great that the cast were able to respond to questions in a way that developed the storyline and sense of character. The Judge, in particular, did a great job of leading the event.

Kent University