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Team Unity, Motivate, Varied Challenges, Friendly Competition, Time Management

Beat the Box Team Building Event

Fast paced and fun challenges to test the team

Taking inspiration from the hit TV game show ‘The Cube’, our Beat the Box team building event requires teams to complete a series of bespoke challenges expertly designed to promote communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. 

Containing an equal number of individual and team activities, this highly inclusive and competitive event has been custom designed to be enjoyable for all participants whilst promoting the team dynamic. 

This electrifying event combines timed box challenges completed at tables and pressure-packed showcase challenges - inspired by the heart-stopping gameshow - in our Beat the Box Arena. The room will be brought back together throughout the event to participate in head-to-head team activities.  

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Event Format

All teams will spend an equal amount of time inside our cool inflatable cube with the aim of completing as many showcase challenges as possible. We value the unique strengths of each participant and encourage effective communication to identify them within your team. 

Making the most of everyone’s strengths becomes a key part of the team challenge; the sharpest teams will reap the rewards when nominating which team members carry out each challenge.  

With a wide spectrum of challenges available, there will be something for everyone. The challenges attempted and the order in which they are completed is for your team to decide; the clock is ticking….

The Box

Teams will be provided with an iPad and their very own ‘beat the box’ chest containing over 50 fun-fuelled individual and group activities. This is your chance to shine and showcase your skills. The fast-paced, eclectic challenges are pre-installed onto an easy-to-use app, and teams will submit evidence of their completion to the games master, who will award points accordingly.

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What Our Customers Have Said..

"Thanks – everything went very well. Great to have a big team on hand to guide everyone through the activities. Ryan kept everything under control and people in check. Only annoying thing was that the most competitive team won!"