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Molecular Cooking Team Event

The Culinary Science…

The mad scientists of the culinary world have combined their love of cooking with the curiosity of science!

It won’t just be pots and pans in this event, Molecular Cooking has you look at the chemical properties of foods and how these can be manipulated to create strange and unconventionally tasty dishes! Our expert chefs will demonstrate the effects certain chemical reactions have on food; spheres, foams and gels are all part of the gastronomy infusions you’ll create.

Your teams will be kitted out with culinary lab coats, aka - chef’s aprons, teams then take to their bespoke work stations to begin conjuring up their own chemically charged cuisine creations.

Our set up can be brought into almost any venue to turn the space into a Molecular Cooking kitchen. With over 25 years’ experience in the events industry we have worked with hundreds of venues throughout the UK – do call us to discuss venues near you. Alternatively we can turn your offices into a chemist’s culinary dream.

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molecular team cooking

Molecular Dish

The Event Format

Once the demonstrations are over and your teams have been briefed on the array of new cooking tools laid out at their stations, it’s time to start your food experimentation!

The room transforms into a scene from Flubber as you learn cooking methods such as spherification, the process of shaping liquid into spheres, along with the introduction of hydrocolloid gelling agents to create strangely delicious flavoured combinations.

Learn one of the ‘coolest’ methods of freezing your food by using liquid nitrogen, crush berries into frosted flakes and create the creamiest of ice creams all with a single dunk.

Can your team keep cool under the pressure of this hot kitchen? Plan and prepare your dishes with care, using all your team’s expertise if you want to win this competitive cooking challenge! You’ll be marked by the judges on the presentation, taste and innovation.

Once the winning team are crowned as the chefing wizards of the day, you’ll get to enjoy everyone’s dishes as a fitting finale to a day of fun team work and culinary competition. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

If you’re after a more diverse choice of meals to cook, then why not check out our Cuisine Team Cooking event?! Alternatively, for those with more of a sweet tooth, take a look at our Chocolate Making or ‘Ready, Steady, Bake!’ events.  

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