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Cocktail Making Indoor Team Building Event

Let’s BeGin!

No matter your tipple of choice we’ll get you shaking & stirring in this tremendously tasty and slightly tipsy cocktail team building event!

We’ll bring our mobile mixing stations to you, to turn any room in your chosen venue into a crazy Cocktail Making bar. This is one of our most popular indoor events – even if you do like your Pina Coladas in the rain…

With an infusion of team building and a hefty measure of fun, this event encourages zesty competition. Using the principles they’ve just learnt, your teams go head to head to out-mix each other to create the tastiest cocktail.

Naturally, we can also create some fantastic non-alcoholic cocktails to cater for any group.

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The Event Format

Almost all cocktails can be created with three main techniques; our Head Mixologist begins by showing you how to master each technique. Your group is then split into teams and shown to their own mixing station.

Each station is a purpose built bar complete with a selection of all of the classic cocktail making ingredients; including spirits, fruit juices, liqueurs, freshly sliced fruit, herbs, mixers, bitters and plenty of ice.

Using your newly learnt skills you’ll create a selection of the favourites. Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Margherita, Bloody Mary, B52, Long Island Iced Tea – mix whatever you fancy.

Once you’ve wet your whistle it’s time to up the competition and create your own unique cocktail! We’ll help you along the way - vodka might not be the answer but it’s always worth a shot…

Once the time is up you’ll present your new creation to our Head Mixologist. You’ll be marked on its name, the appearance, its originality and most crucially the taste. Is your cocktail the new Mojito or a big mix-take?

With a completely mobile set-up, we have run cocktail making events all across the UK for over 25 years, have a chat with us to discuss potential venues near you.

Our Event Managers encourage responsible shaking and stirring only. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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The Cocktail Making was brilliant! Absolutely no complaints! The team were super professional & friendly, arrived with plenty of set-up time & were really helpful. Everyone here is raving about how much fun they had!