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Problem Solving, Team Cohesion, Communication, Motivate, Leadership

Crime Scene Investigation - Indoor Team Building Event

There’s been a murder!

And you need to find the culprit... A body has been found and you’re the first CSI team on the scene! Will you demonstrate a detective’s intuition and prove yourself CID material?

Piece together the evidence to solve the case. Using genuine techniques including fingerprint analysis, chromatography, fibre identification and ultra-violet lighting, you’ll comb the scene for clues.

Kitted up in forensic suits, dust for fingerprints to compare with prints from the suspects before interviewing the witnesses. You will need to build a fool proof case before interrogating the accused.

The CSI event encourages team bonding; it is a great fun, mentally stimulating and a chillingly convincing challenge... We’ll have your team scratching their heads as they piece together the puzzle, before experiencing the thrill of solving a realistic murder mystery.

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Event Format

Your group arrives at the venue you’ve chosen to be met by our ‘Inspector’. The room is secured by police guarding the crime scene. The Inspector explains a body has been found under suspicious circumstances and your help is needed to catch the killer!

You’ll be issued with CSI body suits, face masks and latex gloves to preserve the crime scene. Once kitted up, you’ll enter the scene and begin investigating.

Using forensic techniques you’ll recognise, scan the crime scene with black light to pick up bodily fluids. Then analyse clothing fibres found on the weapon to see if they match the clothes worn by the suspects.

Compare the finger prints you recover against your suspects’. No one piece of evidence will incriminate the murderer, you’ll have to build a case. Piece together the evidence to learn the sequence of events. Who has a motive? Do they have an alibi?

If your case is watertight and you ask the right questions the killer is bound to incriminate themselves and confess… Take turns with the good cop - bad cop routine, one of them is bound to crack! call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for the CSI activity yesterday – it was really good, everyone enjoyed it and a few colleagues have said it was the best ever offsite!  The actors were all very good and I’m amazed that they were able to keep straight faces!