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Learn a Skill, Creativity, Team Cohesion, Broad Appeal

Cuisine Team Indoor Team Building Event

Ready, Steady, Cook!

We turn up the heat and grill your teams in this cookery team building event, but don’t worry this isn’t a hell’s kitchen…. Our friendly, seasoned chefs are here to help you through, no matter what your culinary capabilities are.

Watch as our professional chefs give you a flavour of their repertoire for inspiration whilst also teaching you some knife handling skills. You will then battle to out-cook the other teams and create two courses to put before the judges.

Our impressive fully mobile kitchen and team work stations will turn almost any venue into a Cuisine Team zone; please talk to us for advice on a suitable venue in your chosen area.

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Cuisine Team Indoor Team Building

The Event Format

We invite you to suggest a theme before the event; French, Spanish Tapas, Italian are always popular. We then provide ingredients perfect for the theme you’ve chosen; fresh meat and vegetables, sauces and oils, herbs and spices - everything you might need.

Once your group has simmered down, the event starts with our professional chef giving an introduction to kitchen skills and cooking a dish to inspire you. The group will be split into teams of 5-7 people who then head to their own Cuisine Team work stations.

The teams are given time to plan their courses before the clock starts and the competition commences! Under the watchful eye of our chef you’ll create your own signature dish, this may be a variation of an old favourite or maybe something more Heston Blumenthal-esque. 

Once the time is up, present your dishes to the judges. Teams are marked on presentation, taste and innovation. Remember you need to plan and utilise your team member’s strengths in order to flambĂ© the competition. Rushing straight in is a recipe for disaster…

Or, for something with a little bit of an Asian twist why not try one of our Team Wok or Sumptuous Sushi Making cookery events? call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The cooking challenge has been the talking point in the office all week and everyone has said what a great evening it was. I think it was something different and not what people were expecting so went down really well.

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