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Creativity, Link to Business Objectives, Team Unity, Tangible Results

Da Vinci's Designs - Indoor Team Building Event

Non-competitive, creative team building

Our Da Vinci's Designs event encourages teams to get a little bit creative. But don't worry, even if you aren't a budding artist, this event is still great fun! Creativity, teamwork and communication come together in this artistic team building challenge.

The aim of the event is to create a piece of collaborative artwork that everyone has contributed to. Because the end product is a result of effective communication, the power of teamwork is clearly illustrated – pun intended…

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The Event Format

We start off with a fun art themed quiz to get the creative juices flowing and put the group into the right frame of mind for the challenge ahead.

The aim is for everyone to contribute a section to a huge Da Vinci classic. Splitting the group into pairs we give each pair a canvas on which they replicate a section of the complete painting.

Every pair needs to be aware of the progress of the others and communication is essential for a cohesive result. In a grand finale, all the individual canvases are put together and your giant masterpiece is revealed. The end result is always impressive, with everybody pleasantly surprised with what they have managed to create together.

Collaborative Teamwork

This is one of our most relaxed events, encouraging collaborative teamwork without competition. Some groups have enjoyed the event so much that they have hung their masterpiece back at work!

This event can be run from almost any venue, whether a hotel or your offices. There is no need to worry about making a mess though; we cover all surfaces to protect them from any Jackson Pollocks amongst you…

We’ve been running team building events for more than 25 years; we are expert at delivering the perfect event for your company. After so many years, we’ve built up relationships with hundreds of venues across the UK and can suggest the best venue near you. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The Da Vinci event was great, if I’m honest I didn’t expect it to turn out as well as it did, the artwork looked so colourful and creative. The concentration on everyone’s face was immense, and I think we all realised just how particular we all are lol

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