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Team Cohesion, Time Management, Varied Challenges, Broad Appeal

The F1 Challenge Formula 1 Themed Event

Race to Build

Stand alongside Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull as you create a winning team for our F1 Challenge. Design, build and then race your own F1 car in this riveting team building event.

Your team is supplied with a pre-designed chassis which is the starting block for the car. You then blueprint a bodywork design to build and brand your car, winning points for the best designs. Be careful to stay within the legal specifications - you don’t want to be disqualified…

Formula 1 is about more than just the cars though, you will also need to design a brand for your team. Team hats, overalls and the car must be branded with your logo and sponsors’ names after you have pitched your theme to our experts.

Finally the cars are lined up for a head to head race down the track into the pits where your pit team remove and replace the tyres as fast as possible before charging back to the start!

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Head To Head Team Challenge

Teams are supplied a variety of materials to build and decorate their cars, but are encouraged to think creatively and scavenge anything which will make their design stand out. The scrutineers will then inspect your designs and award points for interesting and innovative construction.

You’ll need to justify the sponsorship deals you’ve created to our F1 Branding Manager; bonus points for clever company names and amusing sponsors’ logos. The Grand Finale is a head to head team relay and pit stop challenge, with the winning team crowned World Champions.

This event combines creative design and raw competition to generate a hugely enjoyable day and a great team building experience. This event enjoys fantastic feedback; we find everyone really gets involved – just watch the video to see what our clients have to say….

The F1 Challenge can be run in most venues with a large indoor space. Over more than 25 years we’ve worked with hundreds of venues across the UK so we can suggest a perfect venue near you. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

Please note that all materials used on this event are recyclable, we care about our sustainability and creating as little waste as possible. Post event we have a station set up for all teams to deconstruct their cars and dispose of materials into the relevant bins provided, we run a ‘clean and green’ F1 event! 

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The general feedback from the team was that they were expecting a more traditional “teambuilding exercise” which a number of them had done in the past and so were all really surprised how much they enjoyed this. I think the competition element really helped and has certainly still got everyone talking about it today – some are even still wearing their caps!